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U need to talk to Respective HR of your circle. I have talked to the HR of the Bhopal circle and they said YES extension is possible.I also had a Notice period of 2 months but now scenario has changed. I was on the same position as you are now. Just call the HR of your Circle or meet him personally.

where and how can we get the HR numbers? can you pls help me in knowing that. I want to talk to the HR of Tamil Nadu circle.

3731015615 can someone pls check if this number is in employment news.. thanks in advance. pls guys.

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aroon sheshadri @aroon_maverick

kudos to MIRAKLE.. hats off the to whole team and PG as well for reporting this!

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I am in too
I have been waiting very impatiently for this call,In mail they have asked to send
the first installment by 18th MAy :wow: as its Thursday ,it will be bank holidays
this Saturday Sunday and also I dont think Banks will be so quick to give such a big amount(all those formalities etc) Anyone been through same?Can anyone help me in this regard,what should I do?
Also I am a fresher,so I dont have my degree yet.

THanks again


Congrats man.. I know u will get in.
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Although they have already started sending the offer letters to those in the wait list...wait list will be put on the website day after tomorrow. The date for fee submission is 24th May.

I am WL1. Most probably I will be joining NIT Trichy if my IIFM wait list is not cleared. I am WL 13 there.

All the best guys.

Hi gorgeoushunk.. how did u come to know that u are WL-1. Did u call up the admin office? or any mail or post?

Hi Vijeet! I was said by a senior during the GD/PI process that 2 Biotech companies came for placement. Do u have any fair idea about the roles offered by them? Also the senior said that the Institute is aiming to rope in industries from various sectors.. so can we expect pharma/ biotech sector companies in the coming years?

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Hi seniors, I converted my waiting list and about to pay my Inital fee. I would personally like to visit the campus and make the payment. I need some assistance to reach the Institute from the Railway station(Mysore Jn). Any bus, auto, taxi? fare? if bus is available route no.? name of the stop or is the coll situated in main road?

Thanks in advance.

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avi3887 Says
hiiii i got call from sdm i sent my accceptance....i need to pay my initial payment by 29th..r there any banks which have tie ups with sdmimd

Even I got an offer of admission from SDM IMD, I am sure to join there.. hopefully my waiting list is converted.. thanks to Lord Almighty and those blessed candidates who got an opportunity elsewhere!
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Hi all..I had my Group task on 12 Apr, 1pm, Hyd. The whole process is very cool.. First the Director himself gives a brief description about the coll and clarifies any doubts regarding KIAMS.. Then the process stated. Our batch had 6 + 4 late arrivals ( came after 1 hr!! but was still permitted: shocked). The group was divided into two 5+5 and the pannel (Director + A professor) asked to write an essay about any topic u like for 7 mins. Then we were given the building blocks that kids play, and was asked to build a tower of 1 foot tall, with some conditions given. We almost made it successfully. Then we were asked to discuss how better the tower building could have done (like a GD). Then PI.. Everyone in our batch did well, Hope there will be many converts in our batch (since we almost build the tower!!!) PI was HR type..just for formality.. thats all.

And most important thing about spot offers..There were no spot offers given atleast in out batch of 10, dated 12 apr, 1pm,hyd. And as Director said the results will be out in May 1st week.

And one more thing to be noted. This year batch will be first AICTE approved one.. if things goes fine with the approval process! Cheers. ATB puys .. do well!