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well is this the on-spot offer??
well i did mygd/pi at mumbai on 21st feb.
well what should i do???


You said that Prof C.S. Somu gave you his card and asked you to call him up. Did you call him up? If No, why?? and if yes, what did he say??

Now see, Ill explain you what this funda of giving the card is. The Profs who are going for GDPI to various centres are giving their cards to a few students. Reason?? They find their prof and performance better than the rest. Once you call the respective person he will tell you whehter you have got selected in SDM or not. If you are then you will have to pay your fees within the stipulated period of time.

This strategy is being used first time by SDM-IMD and is being adopted to attract students of better profile. Got my point?? Incase of any further queries feel free to post your comments or questions.

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hey arjun,
i m an aspirant to sdm imd with a cat score of 92 %ile aggregate, (96 in quants, 93 in L-R, 31 verbal..)
plz answer my below listed queries.,
1. i've got 90% in my 10th n 12th exams, and 70+ in my bbm graduation and a fresher
will these scores will make it to final call for me in the college?
2 wat are hot topics for a GD i should be well worse with
3 wat are the usual questions put up in the interview, what prep i'll have to make

it will be so nice of you if u can giv ur contact no.
plz mail to or 9844990088

Hope i'll see u in campus
Subrahmanya Rao


Refer this link that Im sending might prove useful to you..people coming for GDPI in SDM are posting the topics here...

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seniors.. plz reply to my querry..

60% thru out mns 60% in 10th, 12th n grad or 60% in all sems/yrs of grad...


Yes, 60% thorughout counts from far as graduation is concerned..itis overall and not sem-wise. Clear??

thanks arjun bhai, that solves my problem.
another i have work-ex for 10months, will it help ?:tellme:

well well well!!! As far as admission is considered, 10 months will definitely count. While as far as companies during recruitment is concerned, I am yet to find that out for myself, coz i too have a experience of 10 months :)

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thanxzzz guys....
here i have got one more i have one year ex in marketing field...but the problem is that ma comapny aint giving any work ex certi ...while i have got an appointment well as salary slip so will that work for me?
there is one more option that i can make one certi on compu and get signature of ma manager on that .....then will it work? :huh: kindly ans....

Dear Friend,

Why is your company not giving you a experience certificate? Arent you resigning officially? Well, a experience certificate is required if you are bringing your work ex into consideration.

Talk to your company and persuade them yo give your work-ex certificate.

no not tensed jus wantd to knw :-o

necessary to wear one ?

Not necessary...But Id suggest you to wear it.. Hope that solves your confusion!!!

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@ seniors

reading above posts abt stress on acads n all, i think i mite jus lose out in the race.

Grad- 55%

any idea abt my chances. feelin very low aftr readin those posts.

plz give ur views seniors

Hi abhishek,

I hope you must have read the post that my friend kaushik wrote. But Im writing this post to you just to tell you that its not the time to feel low. Its time to get up and fight. Chanllenge yourself that you will get it!!!.

As Kaushik rightly mentioned that if the institute had to reject you it would have done it at the very 1st instant. Whats the point in calling you for interview?? So, when you go for the interview, go there with a positive frame of mind and go there to win!!.

Hope u are feeling better now

All the Best!!

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Hello Seniors

Heard academics is very important during selection process ....I am in a dilema

I have a good cat score 86.52

2 years of work ex in sales and marketing

I am confident of doing reasonably well in gd pi ...........but my problem is I have only a 50.2 percent in 12th .............otherwise my academics is decent too inspite of doing well in all other areas ...........will my 12th play a spoil sport ..........plz help thanks

Hi Friend,

For admissions into SDM-IMD, as clearly stated, there are clear distinctions between what weightage is being given to which field. Not to demoralize you here, but there is a slight chance that your 12th std percentage might play a "spoilt sport" in your selection process.

But then, there are also circumstances that a person, despite being capable and intelligent, is not able to perform well in some of the occassions. Considering the fact that you have 86.52%ile in CAT and assuming that you have 60+% in your graduation, you can prove your interviewers during your GD-PI that 12th std was just a bad phase for you and you have had a surpassed performances after your 12th.

Now, the relevance of 60% throughout your educational career is important because, during the final placements, some of the companies allow only those students who have 60% + throughout their career. To be honest there have been instances where brilliant students are not even allowed to appear for the placement process because of less than 60% in their 12th. BUT THERE ARE companies which only consider your performance in your MBA and then call you for the interview and offer you better than what the previous company offered and which you were not able to sit for.

So friend, all I would like to say is, prepare well and when you are there for GDPI "Be confident", after all "Sucess is 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration".

All the Best!!!!

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hi Seniors..
we all are eagerly waiting for this year's placement figures..
when they will be put up on the site??

Dear Friend,

We will convey this to the management and they will soon ut the figures on the website!!!

Hello Seniors,

I have a small query ..
As you all must be knowing one of the most common question in interview is
" why u want to do MBA in this particular branch..."
i hav 4 yeras exp in IT..
i want to pursue my MBA in Finance..
so if u see there is no connection between my exp and my aspiration...
are we suppose to opt for our desired branch in first year itself or can we change our mind after first year after exploring the real thing....

Hey there!!

MBA being a two year course in India, the 1st year consists of all the subject. Just like engineering, the 1st year is common to all and you need to know few subjects of all the fields irrespective of what subject/specialization you intend to choose the next year.

As far as SDM-IMD is concerned we too follow the same criteria. The specialisations available here are Finance, Marketing, HR, Systems and Operations. You can even opt for dual specialization in the second year.

But answering you question in one need not choose anything in the 1st year and you have ample time to think about your specialization that you want to take in the 1nd year.