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We (Mentorship team@ IIM Kashipur) are already in talks with banks regarding the Educational loan so do not worry about the loan. It just takes a couple of days once you are here at Kashipur. (Although you need to pay your first installment which would later be reimbursed)


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Hi all
IIM Lucknow is handling the admission process of IIM Kashipur being a mentor institute. That's the reason the results would be up on both the websites. Results are most likely to be out by tomorrow.
So have patience.
As observed the last few pages doesn't have any useful content and aspirants expectations are raising with every other post.
Also the details regarding Loan and other scholarships would be communicated soon after the results.
Let the results be out and we are here to help you out.


Just a reminder guys!
This is the thread for IIM Kashipur call getters discussion.
Discussion regarding IIM Kashipur is appreciated.


does dat means tomorrow or else sunday ??????????

sir ji, saare IIMs ka alag alag aayega ??

(i might hav missed it anywhere, apologies for reiterating ........ )

By coming weekend I meant end of next week.
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PG ke home page pe wenevr i see anything related to new IIMs , i feel kuch hua hai :D

results out karaaao doston :P

We wish we could!
Sorry maybe I missed,

Wanted to know the number of seats this year and any news abt the result !

60. Hopefully coming weekend
Trier Says
when do we expect the intake to reach 120

Definitely not this year. Its Director's decision there upon.
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can anyone tell the time B schools give to freshers, to complete the degree in all respect........
Ive suffered a carryover which can be cleared around december ......does that mean , my game's up.....
help me ...sleepless nights......

AFAIK IIMs don't accept students with carryovers.
FYI - The last date in our case was 31st december to submit all original documents. This is only for people who have cleared all the papers and waiting for results/ degree.
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seniors....IIMkp me kitna intake hai?

and when are the results expected?

60. Results are expected around first week of May.
I read in the summer internship report of first batch of IIM Kashipur that the strength of the batch was 37,wasnt it meant to be 60?
Did they leave seats unfilled?

Yeah it was supposed to be 60. But as they say to maintain quality they stopped it at 37. However, this year hopefully all 60 seats would be filled.
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