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hey seniors please tell about the hostel many people in one room...and how far is it from college...please reply...because the facebook page is closed i guess..

Last time for us, we got a generic topic for GD... you may get a technical one also. You read something related to Leadership, Management, Current issues.

Topics we got last time:

Is the hire and fire policy in sync with the indian culture
Women are better manager than men
Indian growth story- A Myth ?
Its tougher to remain at the top than to get at the top

Hope, this helps you!

thank you so much really helps..:)
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pranayveer Says
That doesn't matter. You can submit your last semester results when it's out. mention the same at the office.

thank you pranayveer...:)

can you please tell me what kind of topics will be given for gds?

can anyone please tell what kind of topics are given in gd...please help...

am doing my BSc..we have semester am done with the last sem exams but the results are not yet that was my concern...

i have the memos of only the first five semesters...the results of my sixth semester are not yet its ok if i submit only the first five memos right?

can someone please check my result...please please...55008608...dob 19/02/1992

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please someone try to check my is saying invalid...

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hey did you guys apply separately while filling in the application form?...i mean paying a separate amount or something like that?...because i dont remeber whether i have done something like that or not...please reply...

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please someone reply...should we have had applied separately to pharma management?...and what is the cut off for hyd campus?

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