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can any one tell me whn the second w8list will come..
I am having sessional from 1st to 6th interview is on 2nd april...
TO whom i have to send mail to change the gdpi date to 30th march...senors plz help..
how can we change the graduation marks %tage in student profile it is already in printed by mistake i had mentioned my cgpa in the form instead of % tage...our conversion factor is 9.5...seniors pls help...
i applied after the cat results..& didn't got any mail frm them till now:shock:
i had send ths no-201211898 didn't remeber what it was ...hope it helps..:|
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i think they should mention clearly about sending score card for online i came 2 knw only from PG..
i too send my cat score card i didn't knw that we have to send score card...will it be accepted..:banghead: