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Hey puys!!!I have my IIM I interview today.I've already converted BM and HRM.Totally confused as to whether I should attend or not.Pls help guys.....

GettaFix Says
Are you from MIT, Manipal? If so, which batch? i am from MIT too.. ECE batch of 2010..

Nope!MIT Chennai
desivic Says
Archana Raghu of MIT, ECE ??

Yup!!!Are u psychic???
bellthelion Says
Congrats...which one are you joining?

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Converted both BM and HRM
Armor Says
Does this mean that those people whose names have not appeared in the waitlist are out of the whole admission process?

I'm not absolutely sure, but looks that way. 45 converts in each spec and 50 each in the WL except for Finance which has 60. Those who haven't been wait-listed seem to be out of the race....@Seniors pls confirm.
aggritu Says
hey ...can u please explain this concept of lists..i m not able to it like the students from one waiting list r shortlisted again??..please make me understand i am at 26 in w/l for finance...

The first list names the direct converts.As students from the 1st list decide not to join, the WL moves and depending on the movement subsequent lists are released.For instance, the 2nd list for Finance had 10 names,which means that the WL moved by 10 and so on....cheers
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This is the link for the first 5 lists of last year:

SPJIMR - SP Jain Institute of Management & Research, Mumbai

This is for the 6th list:

SPJIMR - SP Jain Institute of Management & Research, Mumbai

These should give us an idea of the WL movement

@avinash .....same to same on dates....:D
Mine BM:5 pm

Same here as well!!! BM-12pm on 10th and HRM morn slot on 11th
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In the IIM Indore interview experiences of last year,it was mentioned that the interview forms had to be mailed to IIM Indore.Is that the case this year as well?Are we supposed to send any documents right now?If so are we supposed to mail anything else along with the the interview forms?