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I got through in the last wait-list movement.

Ill be joining on Wednesday. Im planning to come to the MDI campus directly from the airport, with all my luggage. Will that be a problem? Will I get an hostel room immediately? Ill be coming alone. Any suggestions.

ashwini_tcs: I could not find you in orkut.

Thnks for information
I think the W.L. movement should be around 10-11 as the session has already start no confirm guys
will wait for last day fee deposit.
correct me if I am wrong.

Actually most of the ppl will join on these 2 days, as they need to get a loan of 2.38 lakhs (which takes around 2 to 3 working days).

I already know 1 guy who is gonna join on 19th.

Now Im keeping my fingers crossed as MDI is my only option.

I am little surprised to see a movement of only 17 ppl this time. Somebody said that around 20 to 25 have withdrawn their seats. Aren't these seats given to us waitlisters? :new_shocked:

in addition to wht i wrote earlier..another thing to be noted is that the assignment's first page is not signed by neone..
nd thus, it makes me doubt the authenticity of the assignment..

Whether the assignment is an official one or not and whether to do it or not has been discussed already in the previous posts. Please dont repeat this topic again and again.
i got the assignment by post tday.. i.e. 9th june.. nd submission date is still 8th june..
then i call mdi office..nd the guy says ..the assignmt is sent by the seniors.. go talk to them..
haha..seems like.. i shouldnt even bother to do it.. now that the due date is gone..

Rather than calling up the admissions office, you could have sent a mail to the email id to which you need to submit the assignment asking whether you can submit the assignment now.

Now my waitlist number is 23 :dontgeti:

Even after 4 waitlists, I still cant tell for sure whether Ill get admission into MDI or not.... Why is MDI not giving enough buffer?

The next waitlist ppl will have very less time to join. How will the working junta manage to get relieved in time. I myself was told by my manager that it would take atleast 5 days to complete my relieving process.

The current poll is good enough to speculate the seat movement except for one missing factor (the no of withdrawals). In all the 1730+ posts in this thread, only 1 guy has posted that he withdrew his fees. So, adding a new poll wouldnt make much difference.

Puys are speculating the withdrawals to be around 20+ based on the IIM waitlist movement.

Small speculation from my side::|
If no of withdrawals are 0(hypothetical) then the waitlist might move till around 50 as the acceptance ratio is now 60%.
For every 10 increase in the no of withdrawals there will be a further 17+ increase in waitlist.
Assuming the withdrawals to be 20 then waitlist might move till 84+.:gunsmilie:

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Things to carry at any Bschool

1. Matress ***
2. Pillow ***
3. Pillow cover 2
60. Casual Shoes 1
61. Liquid Shoe Polish 1
63. Needle n White thread 1
***-> May or may not be required depending upon hostel facility provided.

I tried to make list to be exhaustive but i know it can't be complete. Additions are invited.

Seniors: Does the student store in MDI campus provide all these items, incase if we forget anything?
Well, as Mufi said, we should have won the Most Rumourous B-School Award if at all there is such word and an award.

Ok, to set things straight, I kust had one lil doubt :

How do the students get the adddresses of so many people receiving the Assignments..the PGPM now u say the PGPM office is into this too..

Ponder over this !!!

Well, Just wanna say best luck guys...cya on 16th !!!

I got mails from student council of IIMK, when I got selected for GD/PI. So, I do not think it is difficult for seniors to get addresses of the incoming batch, but I strongly believe that this assignment is an official one.

Puys : Are there any chances for more than one list (including june 5th one)?

seniors : Wot was the scenario last year?

This long wait is getting its toll on me.

MDI PGPM wl-66