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What was ur 1st preference......reading previous posts i guess guy wid d same cat score would ve been shortlisted for differnt course.....

bt still call up admission office to know where u fell short

i gave the preference as --

the other person who has the same % got the call for PGDISEM.

hey all,

I am really puzzled :banghead:
Can anybody tell me whether its a profile based call?
I am from general category and I am not in d shortlist. but wid same cat percentile another person received d call.
my profile -
CAT overall - 94.93
Sectional both - 93 arnd
10th - 72%
12th - 58%
B tech - 8.99 CGPA
wrk ex - 26 mnths

alphenyx Says
In... 14th April :-)

Same here 14th april chennai :clap: finally
i am not in @ 94.93 :banghead::banghead::banghead::banghead:
must be 95 only..:splat::splat::splat:

Same here :banghead:
i also have 94.93. not in. This is quite frustrating.

Hi All,

I got the call. CAT - 95%
Have interview on 5th Feb, Sunday.
Currently I am staying in Bangalore But my interview venue is Ghaziabad.
I do not remember exactly But was there any option while applying online to choose interview location?? I dont think so. Please reply guys... :-(

I have e-copy of my filled form. There also I do not see anywhere information regarding this being printed.

:-( :-(

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I do not think you need to worry. You can contact IIT, M on the email id and I am pretty sure that you will get a quick response from them. That was a small mistake as compared to people forgetting to send their SOPs!! Just have a word with them.
email for queries:

Thanks a lot!! I mailed them and received a reply also.
hey I also realised..I have made the same mistake....if you get to know anything..pls share..



I mailed them mentioning the mistake and the application no along with the e-copy of my CAT score card.
I got a reply also that it will be taken care of.
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Hi Seniors,

I have a problem here. While applying online, it asked to enter the total CAT percentile and sectional marks. But it seems I made a mistake there. I entered CAT total percentile correctly but instead of entering individual sectional marks I entered sectional percentile. I have already posted the form as the printed form does not display sectional marks information.
I was pretty optimistic about the call having 94.93% in CAT. Now it seems I only hampered my chances

Please tell me what should I do now pretty worried I am.

Archana Sinha