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How to upload documents i cant find any link ...please help me..I am shortlisted for intrview on 12th october

  • What is your profile. 05 Oct '13.
SAP Monk @SAPMonk
Interesting Info:- or maybe not.. but i am going ahead and sharing!! Recently attended a webinar (dont ask which) of ISB with senior member of ISB and few Alum's... In the Q&A;, a question was asked - How is HYD/MOH different & the answer started of as usual.. one school 2 campus model, si...
Aravind bond @aravindbond

in my opinion, out of every 5 they allot 3 to hyd and 2 to mohali to preserve merit and class profile

in the employement section, can we write out side work achievements ?

  • No, you have seperate section for that.. 10 Sep '13.
Ank K @snni 207
No, you have seperate section for that.
I got a rejection mail today
@IndianExpress I think another week of wait is ok...8 weeks officially

Hello everybody..I was waitlisted last year and finally could not convert. This year I want to make it 100%...

@QuanChi me too

so CO 2015 ?

@ clammiestqasar when did u apply and when di u get the call

when did u apply ?? and ur profile plz