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hello puys,

Hope many of you have been good. I realised just now that I haven't posted my score anywhere.

Quant-di : 100
Lr-va : 92.4

OA : 99.96

It has been a long wait for me and I am finally glad to see these numbers ( though VA dint work out as usual). Got calls from A,B,L,I,K(I shortlist). I was really bummed out to see that I do not have a C call.

Congrats to all the DT members and others who rocked the CAT this year :clap:. I respect you all and respect everyone on PG who is ready to give good and motivating advises when we are really in the need. I am glad that I joined PG.

Rock on puys!!!


Hi puys,

Anyone interested in a meet this weekend (21st or 22nd)?

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Aravind Maddireddy @aravind90

@crack the cat: I don't see the point of this discussion and flaunting of percentiles.. Will you leave it when someone with a percentile higher than yours makes a point for/against you? You have stated what you want. Now leave the rest to rest.

Woah!!! I am the captain!!! ... Congrats to all the people who made it to the team and thanks to Santosh sir for trusting me with such a huge responsibility. I am out of town for this weekend but will be back to chennai tomorrow. Looking forward to meeting each of you very soon. Rock on puys.. Let's show everyone what we r made of

{Will let everyone know of my availability, conference details and many more plans for the season very soon}

I don't think that it's possible to put in a late nomination

Now wait for 2012.

Now, that's a little harsh.. I seriously don't want to wait around till 2012.

Missed the post that says nominations are open till 3rd Sep. I would like to nominate myself.

Name - Aravind
Strengths - Quant, Weakness - VA
Gave a couple of CATs but not good enough for any IIMs. Giving one last try to satisfy my ego.
Mock scores can be found in the signature.

Ummm.. I know I am late. But, is it possible to put in a late nomination? Want to be a part of atleast 1 DT.


Hoped to make it to atleast 1 DT.. Looks like I missed all the deadlines.. :splat:


Oops!!! I missed the DT again :-(.. Anyway, my CAT date this year is on Nov 13th.. Will start taking all kind of mocks from next monday.. Feels good posting here again after a really long time.


How come meets take place only when I leave for home? :shocked::shock:

Waa.. I want a meet next weekend as well..


Hiii friends,

Its been really long since I posted something on PG..

For all those taking CAT this year, I am happy (or sad?) to say that I am going to be joining you on this year's journey.. Let's rock on.. Looking forward for the next meet.. Naga sir, is it possible to have it this weekend?