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hey is it the general category ranks till 250 or overall ranks coz m general rank is 189 and overall is 209

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my rank gen 209 waitlisted
any chances of clearing??
and if yes what centers i would get??

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wL 41
will i convert

dude!! i too am from coal india...converted....and iift and nmims waitlisted me so high i cant even think of cnverting.....
where r u posted?? and any ideas how to resign??


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its always better if u take ur resume....although they havent asked for it....
they are not looking at any certificate just the documents they have mentioned....and the imi form.....thy normally dont even look at ur certis.....although always better to carry a file....

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IMI Delhi
XII 77
X 92
Grad 68
Mining Eng.
EssY: Euthanasia legalized?? or Bihar turnaround...unanimous choice of first topic
PI : Editor of financial express(awesome knowledge practically seemed to know everything which is highly uncommon in my field) and a mam from IMI

complete interview on my work profile...and then told me thank u
awesome interview coz they said in the end i do not see a reason why u should not be selected....
no extempore....i asked if they want to take it ...and mam said no
interview over....
a very nice experience....although campus seemed quite small to me....bt the student cordinator "ankit" was awesome....

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can I apply...?? 17 months experience???

what is this more than 24 hrs...still it is giving internal error 500
someone please check mine

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subscribing and waiting for internal error to go away