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nebody from mc course??....does neone know the actual marks of both the papers i.e the objective one and written one

kya koi bta sakta hai....media and cultural studies vale prog mei writing section kitne marks ka tha ..and frst section jo mcq ka tha ..plz ??

kya koi bta sakta hai....media and cultural studies vale prog mei writing section kitne marks ka tha ..and frst section jo mcq ka tha ..plz ??

m not able to download the material that you have provided

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plz answer this
if a:b=b:c=c:d=3
then find the value of

i too have given my fees and now m also in 2 minds whether i shld join it or not ..the condition what u have pictured seems to b a nightmare man

truth singh Says
Ok i am student of IIITM. i would say come at your own risk if u r coming for mba. main reason is there is lots of partiality going on between MBA PG and IPG students. faculty is worst here. teachers don't even check the papers during exams. each teacher gives marks just by looking at your name on the answersheets. library is very small. regarding placement even local engineering colleges have more placement compare to iiitm. forexample tcs recruits 70 students from some local college and around 5 from our college. faculty gives less marks to PG MBA students compared to IPG MBA students. Hostel and mess is compulsory. food quality is worst than what u can even imagine. location wise this place is too hot. Here you will see the quantity and species of bugs/insects which have never seen before.

are u the student of frst year or secnd year...is the insti really this bad ...so tell me is it bettr to drop a year for mba than cmin to iiitm..and what abt the summer trainings intrnship projects ..do u all get placed fr intrnships..and how bout the project work here..and u r saying the faculty is also bad bt their qualification seem to be really good ...plz recommend should i do a job in cmpny instead of taking admission here hmmmmm??and one more thing what are the specialization here??

hey plz tell me do v have to fill separate forms forms for wellingkar kj and all the top 10 colleges under mhcet or the admission is done on the basis of cap merit list
do leme know abt wellingkar,met,pumba

Hey i also got 120 marks 98.99 percentile home university open category

with around 92000 student appearing so around 950 students are ahead of me

looking at last years cutoff CAP 3 round (approximate)

General open university

NL Dalmia Cutoff rank 717 (172/240)
MET Cutoff rank 911
Somaiya Cutoff rank 208(185)
SIES Cutoff rank 381(180)

Only Francis,Rizvi,Xaviers seem to have cutoff ranks above 950

so can we only hope these colleges or somaiya still can be obtained (with 28-30 in gd/pi) seniors pls tell

hey could ne1 plz explain how how these cut offs are decided and whats this cap thing how is it made

okk m goin to prepare for gd pis thats the priority bt i should also in what colleges m i actualy eligible??
could u plz gimme the list of good colleges that would take accept my score..and do we have to fill the froms of collges b4hand like v did in cat..or is it just like the norml councelling where u have to fill the colleges of ur choice and esp the colleges that will take ur score and after that they will call u for the gd pi