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did anyone from bangalore got the call?

got the call from HR icici..
i'm through to the next round..tommorow @ 8..
venue ..they will inform later @ night.

hi all,

Not sure if some separate thread is running on PG for the GD/PI experience..
Anyways i'm sharing my experience here..

i was in the first slot in bangalore from 9:00 am..

GD Topic : RAINBOW .. was ok.. everyone spoke for sometime and we concluded well....


Panel of 3 (P1,P2,P3)

P1: Gm

Me: Gm to all of u

P1: now you ask each of us a question... (Buhahhhahah)

Me: asked

P1: what do u think is hobby of P3

Me: Made some wild guess...

P1: So u know Assamese also right?

ME: yes sir.. spoke 2 sentences in Assamese..

P2(The Villan):Y should we take u
ME: told
P2: Asked about iRAce(Now guess which company m i from ?)
Me: Told

P2: Give me scenarios in which you will demote a person...from his curernt position to a lower position as an HR

Me:- was able to give one.. but tehy were not satisfied

P2: What is teh differeence between Suboordinate and superordinate..

ME:- took some guess.. and tld

P3: ur gradutaion??


P3: what is Amplitude modulation and Frequency Modulation

ME:- was not able to tell in details.. (As he went deep into that)

P3:- @g and 3g differnce?

P3:- what are the different frwequency bands used in india?

Me:- couldnot tell (i thought that was a crap question.. how on earth i can remember things studied 4 yrs back..)

P3: -Go refresh ur technical skills
ME:- buhhahhahaha ..OK suir.. will surely do

P1:- what is ur salary?
Me:- i told ( though i think i shd nt have told...)

P1:- y so less
ME:- not again.. sir.... Company polices...

God damn... i thnk i will not make through.. not a perfect PI for me..

Best of luck for all others.. go rock


hi puys,

i forgot my percentile in XAT.(the result link is not working now). Though
i have been called for the GD/PI.
Can u guys please suggest @ this juncture what to do. from where to get the result

just got the confirmation from Admission team-XIMB. My GD/PI is on 25th of may.(Banaglore)
Any one else from bangalore? so that we can preparetogether:lookround:

It again depends on your interest. I'm definitely interested in HRM and for me its a good career option.
But the thing is... this is a new course from XIMB and i donot know what to expect from them at the end of this course.. we will be the first batch in case we get selected here..

Hi Puys,

Got the below mentioned mail form the Admission office-XIMB

Dear Candidate,

You will be happy to learn that the honourable High Court of Orissa has given us the approval to admit students to our PGDM (HRM) program. You may see the admission bulletin already given to you for details regarding program focus, fees and other information.

In view of your performance in XAT we are inviting you to apply for participation in the GD& PI process for admission to the PGDM (HRM) program. We will be holding the GD & PI process between the last week of May and the first week of June in the cities: Bhubaneswar, Bangalore, Delhi and Mumbai. In case you are interested in the PGDM (HRM) program and would like to participate in the admission process, then please reply to us latest by 5:00 pm of 13th May 2011 mentioning your preferred city for attending the interview along with your XAT ID.

In case we do not hear from you by then we will assume that you are not interested in the PGDM (HRM) program and would not consider your application any further.
Best wishes. "

Considering this a new course i'm confused whether to go for it or not. Would like to have any extra information from you guys if you have any.


million dollar question

they have restarted the server(the result link nt wrking). the result will be out in 2 min i suppose.

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the wait is killing me

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