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Hey people ... congrats to all those who converted !!

I was waitlisted at 193 PGPM .. So me too in !!
But, I am joining XLRI anyways ! Had a confirmed admit from there !

So, waitlist will move one more count !!

Cheers !! and Congrats !!
ATB to all !!


I guess I can lay claim writing here ... although I am gonna Join XLRI.

The day I could not get into IIT's and my claim to do so ...after dropping one year..( as is the usual fare in Bihar native place) ..was successfully vetoed by my family ....

I had to get into IIM's ...That is the freaking way my mind perceives things!!

(I still maintain...that I was and am good enough for both the institutions( as so many of fellow puys and my peers are) ...People ..the way I see it is that.. this country of ours ...has such a large talent pool ...that we cannot afford to ..give IIx education to all the deserving ...D day matters ...and a section of people get in ...and the rest ..are left ..back pay ..what I call the "cost" that the bearers ...of a "developing" nation have to pay .. I am not complaining .. I love India.)

Well.. joined ..NIT Surathkal.(engg folks ..know about this better than "good" college )..after a fair enough performance in AIEEE 2004.
Turned out to be best decision of my life till date.
All other great things like international size swimming pool, a private college beach ...a cosmopolitan culture ..and awesome placements apart ...this college is the best ..launching pad for higher studies. Consider this .. of my class of 34 students ...passing out ....15 straightaway went for MS in USA/Canada etc.

So after ... reading novels .... playing CS .. wasting time for 3 years in college ... CAT 2007 was in sight ...and I was damn confident.
Gave some initial mocks...and all.. performed very well...and worked really hard practised and all....
My college has a history kind of ..of sending 12-15 people to IIM's every year ...and all my friends believed I would also ...get in .

The biggest mistake around this time that I did was ... ignored almost ...constant failure to ...cross sectional percentiles any one section ...throughout the mocks season ..!!!

I thought ...ek din ki baat hai will come good on the good day !!
I used to get good enough overall scores( 99 +- 0.1 percentiles ) that was also fair enough!!

Screwed up DI in CAT 2008 big time. And it was the easiest section.
percentile : 96.57
I never got less than ..98.5 in mocks... but i was disappointed ...only with myself !!
I remember my Mom said to me the day results were out ...only this much ..
Does it matter ?? You know ..that you are good enough ...I know that you are good enough ?? Your friends know that ?? what else ?? How many times they will refuse ?? you have 4 months of final year ..enjoy karo "

I tried to forget ....enjoyed my last few days in college to the limit ...went home before joining my company.
It was around July 2008. CAT was again back to my mind. Still I did nothing. I dint want to overwork...I had a fair idea of things ...I was not so to say " weak" in any of the sections ...none of the sections were like pulling me down ...I knew it was the day that mattered !!

So around August .. I joined ...IMS ..(decide to change was...TIME in college) ... decent enough i felt .. but felt like more practice... So took Career launcher ...also..on saturday ... I must thank my two flatmates ...they r friends bk from college ...and they joined with me ..!!

IMS gives a good all around ... competition ...and Carrer Launcher's individual questions are really good.....sometime CL goofs up on setting a nice paper overall...too tough or too easy ...!!

Was performing well ....never below 98.5 .. in the later stages ...also ...came in below AIR 100 also many times.

I also realised three things :

1. Any student, however brilliant and balanced HAS to surrender himself to the demands of the exam pattern in front of him. You just cant be egoistic and hard headed.

2. Self analysis is the key. You can't survive such immense competition if you dont understand how does your mind behaves during a test. When does it need rest ?? When should you stop attempting a DI set ...and go back to a chilled out VA questions ?? Things like that !!

3. Accuracy In Quant and DI is the key. It serves you immensely if you can get the feel of balancing your attempts and their accuracy as per the needs of the paper ! Period !!

just went and gave CAT 2008. I knew as soon as I came out ki ...I had screwed it up ...As a principle, I never check my scores with online results and all...But pata tha ki ...Quant was screwed up ...again the easiest one !!

Had a call from IIFT meanwhile ... but heart was not there ... would not have joined even ...if I had got least this year !!

So went home ...10 days .. came back ...Lots of work in office .. dint touch pen for one month ..till XAT ...4th Jan ..

Decided on 3rd jan after seeing last year's actual XAT paper of mine ..

Only one strategy ... forget it was XAT ... Convert XAT to CAT .. ignore all special types of questions ....choose CAT tyoe questions and solve them !!

The minute I came outta XAT, i knew was good ....I would surely get a call!!

Finally got ...99.7
My mom was happier than I was ...hehe ...coz she had seen ...that ..I had screwed up quant again !! I just kept telling her .ki ..mummy ..luck bhi chahiye ...kaafi logon ke saath hota hai !! Its a one-day thing !!

Interviews...and special preparation..

rejects from IIFT .. expected ... very bad interview ...because I was brutally honest ..all throughout the intrvw.

FMS .. god only knos ..why they rejected me .. 99.75 .. and a good gd/PI ...

xlri .. CONVERTED ...jOINING ..NTHNG SPECIAL ...they asked me ..some different questions ..which I could manage !!

Not IIM's but XLRI ..Fair deal ...considering unlucky can be ...on the basis ...of 3 hrs .. or bad day at GD/ PI.

Pagalguy .. has been awesome throughout
.. I cant thank ....puys enough !!

The net result is
" Always ask yourself ...Do you want it that bad ??? "


"it" always listens and responds !!


@ ganesh ...

lets decide the venue man ...and i guess there are gonna be more people around this time...

@ seniors ... log...

Got this... from the last paragraph ..of one of the articles about XLRI ...smwhr earlier on this thread ....
If u cud elaborate on these two things...(obs after u get time from ur exams)

"So, what's the secret? "We had invited carbon trading companies like Cantor C2E and commodity exchange companies like MCX for summer placements. And, for the first time, brand consulting companies participated too,'' said Rajiv Mishra, XLRI's placement committee chairperson. "XLRI offers a unique dual management, both in marketing and finance. So, the meltdown did not affect us as much.'' "

1. carbon and commodity exchange profiles ...seems to be a new development.

2. Unique dual management .. marketing and finance ??


hi seniors..

converted xlri pmir

xat 99.92 %ile
2008 be grad elecs & telecom
9 months of work ex ..
good gd..k k pi

had a few doubts

1. nothing related to the future procedure has been mentioned...
i mean how much is the 1st when do we need to pay it..bcoz i'l be paying tyhe entire amount by would need some time for the same....

2. do we have to come to jamshedpur to pay up?

3. my parents seem a bit edgy about sendin me to xl bcoz of d followin reasons,,,...can seniors plz help...

a. ragging in xl (God knws where they heard it frm)

b. how often will i get a chance to travel bac to mumbai..(how much time does it take?)

c. any tie ups with banks that xl has so that i can get a loan without any security?....also any scholarships???

hope havent offended any1 with d posts...jus d multiple doubts that r cropping up,,,...along with d excitement of converting it

dude...sincerely speaking ...
don thnk bout ragging yaar ...u r into XLRI PMIR.. tht is nt evn a consideration.
then again ...engg college guys wud kno better ...evn i do . :wow:

loans ...any bank worth its penny ..wud be happy to lend u in the name of XLRI.

distnce fron mumbai ...thts again a big non-issue.
u ll love travel ...wid ur grp of friends.
ask me ...i went to nit surathkal for grad. 2300 kms from home in jharkhand.
3 days train journey ...the whole compartment our group.
bestest times of your life it can be i assure you.

rest ..seniors can be more specific.
cheers ..n be happy !!!

Happy and relieved to be a part of XLRI BM now.

Name: Anupam Kumar
XAT : 99.72 (Applied for BM only)

GRAD: NITK Surathkal
Chemical Engineering.

Work ex: 8 months.

Ready to experience the awesome thing called "College" again.

All you worthy people who did nt get in ..... you must have smthng better in store. Feel happy bcoz pagalguy and its awesome puys are always thr for you.
I take this chance to thank Pagalguy for its help throughout the admission phase.
Thanks a lot all you wonderful people.


You have been selected in BM Programme for which you have applied to XLRI Jamshedpur.
Please wait for the official letter from the Chairperson, Admissions, XLRI Jamshedpur.

... Chairperson , Admissions

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Was most of the interview really in Hindi? Or you have translated most of it?

it is as it is written bhai ....some part was in hindi ....don worry ..they dont do tht to non-hindi speaking junta ....
nyways presents akind of uncomfortable situation out thr ...
if i reply bk in hindi ...tht may be seen as too comfortable.....
if i reply bk to a hindi questn in english ...
tht can be seen as like ...a bit cosmetic or haughty ....
nyways ..dont worry .

MDI PGPM at Bangalore .....24/03/2009 at 9 30 AM

Started on time ....
GD topic: Is the joining of Indian rivers ...a good enough solution for the water crisis??? ( i dont remember the exact words..)

initially 1 min to think ...n ...ponder over it ...

Fair GD ...Very decent people....though points circulating ....sometimes...nobody was an authority ... we could not kind of discuss is specifically ..jus kept on coming with ...varying contexts...around 10 mins ...we wer asked to decent conclusion came up ....

Was called in second ....first guy ...some 20 mins ...

P1 P2

had a. laugh with them ...they announced my father's name ....initially.

P1: u are wearing spects ..not in photo.. shaadi keliye khinchawyi hai kya photo ??

Me: ;)no sir ....some crap ...i spoke.

P1: so ...u r from jharkhand...
me: yes, i am from bihar basically..i reside in jharkhand ....

P1: where ?
me: muzaffarpur.

P1: wt it famous for ??
me: litchis n khudiram bose

P1 to P2: khudiram bose??
P2: wo apna freedom fighter ...
P1: achcha ..achcha good...

P1 : bhai ...litchi liye famous
hai ...maine to wo maliyabadi ..aam sune the ...

me : haan sir ...aam bhi achche hain ..but ltchis class...sir...exported all around the globe.

P1: tumne khaye to honge ?
me: sir pura bageecha hai ....apna ...khub khaye hain ...

P1: good good...track chng karta hun yaar ...ok ??
me: fine sir ...
P1: thnx for allowing me to ....what is CDO ??
me: no idea sir....

P1: what is MBS ??
me: ( how cud i not say this ...yaar stupid of me ...)

P1: sensex kal kitna badha???
me: exactly nahi pata sir ....

P1: kya yaar ..u hv come for MBA intrvw ...shud kno these thngs ...
me: hmm..yes sir

p1: subprime ?? in short ...
me: gave a crisp ...two line answer..correct one..

p1: aur batao yaar ??
me: started ..detail ...ct shrt ....wht flow in US ...why why ??
p2: laughing ....leave it...

P1: wht is lalu doin to congress to bihar ?? wht do u thnk ??

me: gyaan !!!

p2: diff b/w monetary n fiscal policy ??
me: specifically, no idea sir...
p2: hehe ...kya yaar ...achcha ....budget kya hota hai ??
me: gyaan !!
p2: (guided me thru ..income expndtr deficit...)
me: managed

p2: deficit kitta hai ..budget ka humara ???
me: sir 6-7 %

P1: no ...:wow:

me: sir actually about 11 % ...sab total kar ke ...
p1: yes tht rt...

p1: IPL ...kya ho raha hai ..yeh sab whts happening ? i need ur views ?
me: gyaan !!!

p1: wt more can we talk bout ???
me: sir ..i read a lot...i also ....
p1: bas bas ...reading hi kaafi hai ...

p1: wht do ya read ?
me: fiction.

p1: jaise ?don tell me ayn rand n dan brown please...
me: sab authors ..i told ..which i read...

p1: shakespeare? charles dickens ?
me: no sir.
p1: u read only pulp fiction ..thts boring.

p1 : do u kno ..satyajit ray ...did he write nythng ...or he only ..directed...??
me: to my knowledge ..i dont kno ..of his writngs ..sir...

p1: soem french author who is vaery famous..n writes shrt stories in english ??
me: dont kno sir..

p1: u kno somerset maugham ?
me: heard of him sir.
p1: his most famous book ?
me: sorry sir idea.
p1: spell out his name...
me: correctly done.

p1" jeffrey archer's latest novel??
me: a prisoner of birth ...(actually thst the last one i read ..its not the latest..latest is paths of glory )
p1: wht does jeffrey archer;s son do for a living ?
me: no idea sir
p1: wht does margaret thatcher's son do for a living ?
me: no idea sir
p1: wt else u do ..?
me: i surf the internet for any info ....on my free time ...
i also played cricket...but ..some medical..issue i dont do it now ...
p1: thts honest ...
me: hmm
p1: dhoni's peer group ...big star now ?? who's tht ??
me: all possible names ..i took ..
p1: i m talkin of as big star yaar ...
me: jus sat silently..

P1 to P2 : ask smthng ..
P2: no ...
P1: ok ....tht wud be fine ...
p1: anythng else u want to ask ?
me: thank you sirs...have a good day ..

p1: achcha cat score ??
me : .....
p1: only PGPM u applied ...
me: yes sir ...

most of my answers were... "no idea, sir ..."

lets see wht happens .


second reject of the season inside three days ....
some doubts creeping in now ....

congrts to those who made it ...but am i tht bad ...not evn in the waitlist !!!!