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Reading the thread i suppose nxt waitlist ws xpected today? So can we still xpect it today??

thanks buddy...

Just curious guys, did anyone convert with percentile around 97 (I have 97.32 and an avg interview,GEN category) ??

Hey please can anyone check my result too..

Cat Reg No.- SR7561634
DOB- 12/10/1988


Hi Seniors,

Any idea when is the placement report expected??
Atleast let us know the reason for the delay...


Hi puys,

I need the scanned copy of fee structure in the prospectus.. Please its urgent, need it for loan!!! Can anyone help me.. I have lost the prospectus!! Please if someone can pm me the copy it wud be really very helpful..


Hi Varun and Seniors,

Jst one small querry, will we be provided accommodation from 13 or should we schedule our journey to reach NITIE on 14th only??


here_for_mba Says
nitie or iitb, sjmsom? ??

Although comparison not allowed but still I would like to say compare the specialization u want to opt for and not just the avg packages.

ROI is also a factor to be considered.. ;)

I guess NITIE might just win the race..
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Sosaho1 Says
Btw Nitie gives Single occupancy or double occupancy for hostel rooms?

In the call letter that i received it says shared occupancy..
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after reading the plavement report along with the comments why is it that I am getting negative vibes from NITIE...:(

Can we know what is the minimum package offered this year.And average figures EXCLUDING the international offer.

I am also Worried whether waitlist will move significantly like previous year or far only 11 people has mentioned in tracker about not joining...

I guess we should also give due consideration to the fact that markets this year have been sluggish (be it BFSI or infra or any other sector for that matter) and I suppose brand alone helps you to some extent but after that a lot of factors come into play... So I guess we should not be worried abt placement reports as such!!!
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