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kayal0510 Says
thanks for your quick reply.. but u missed a point.. i belong to chennai so i prefer going into colleges in southern region(preferably bangalore) i see tat there are many bangalore colleges coming under mat but i have no idea about any of them.. you have any idea about best colleges in bangalore?

Hey Kayal

In Southern Region according to my knowledge there are very good B schools i.e Christ College, Alliance and IBS Hyderabad. And IBS has a separate exam also in April.
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deal all...plz donot choose any MBA collg because it is near to your place or its fee is low,or ur frnd is studying dere,,,,,if u choose mba collg on dese criteria....i promise u will regret ,,,,because after spending 2 precious year in MBA collg u will neither get good placement nor a good my suggestion plz stop choosing collg on all dese parameter......go for collg which can give u good return .... because "education is investment....not spending".....
happy studying,,,,,,,,show the attitude of invincibility....keeping aside ur result,,,i belive,,we all get result according to our karma......


I agree with you what all you said but there are many people who have constraints like money, their parents doesn't allow them to go out station esp girls. So for them they can think this ways. And to choose a college according to the ROI is a good option but every person has a different set of parameters to choose its list of good colleges.
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My profile
Expected CAT - 80%
X - 85.2%
XII - 85%
B.Tech (Mechanical) - 83.7%
Work Ex- 14 Months in Auto/ancillary Industry.
Have 4 National Certificates with Medals but this was in school time.
Medals in Kho- kho, Carrom, Junkyard wars During College time.

I am not giving any other exam other than CAT.
Kindly suggest the colleges that i should fill up based on my profile.
I might Fill LBSIM, IMI, SPJIMR.


Hey Raghav

Your CAT score should be definitely above 85%ile for SPJIMR.
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sohailmbaprep Says
I actively participated in sports,quizzes and organized fests in school and college life but don't have certificates ....can i still mention them in my application ??? does sp jain requires certificates for every thing we mention in our versatility and achievement section ??

Hey Sohail

Its advisable to write whatever you have proof for.
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Being an MBA student i think you should not let such petty issue bother u..I think marketing is just perfect for gals and we have better understanding and equal opportunities in the coming time for the same.I think u need to match ur minor with ur major if interested in marketing u should see related job opportunities like HR MR is one emerging business so both ur specialisation would get u an edge during ur final placement search.Specific industry has few cons related to marketing else its a passionate course n u ll love it..

Best wishes



What i will suggest is have an idea what you want to take as major and minor but dont stick to it. One of my frnd who is a BTech entered into MBA for doing it in IT and Operations but studying for a whole year he came to know that he wants to do his majors in Finance and minor in IT, and now he is placed in a very reputed firm as well.

I am a working professional, with a corporate experience of 7 + years in the field of Marketing specifically Business Development/Channel Management. Though first 3 years out of the 7 years of the work experience, was while I was doing my graduation.

Well I am now planning to do Post Graduation, but kind of confused whether I should go for an Executive MBA or a Regular MBA.

Though I am more inclined towards doing an Executive MBA.

Please kindly suggest what should I do keeping in mind my work experience. And also please suggest who should do an Executive MBA?


Since your actual experience after garduation is 4+ years, you should do Executive MBA because doing Regular MBA after this much of experience will create problem during placements as companies will have to train you again and a guy with this much experience will be a difficult task to train.
need HELP!!! electrical engg. final yr.....placed in TCS(electrical guy in IT:-o)!!
bt want to go for mba....haven't done preparation this time around!!!!
CL mock %ile ranging 65 to 75!!
suggest what should i do....if i go for mba are d clgs in dis range will be nice enough!!!
should i work in TCS for a yr or two!!!
help plz!!!
10 - 82%
12 - 71% - 72%


See if u have interest in doing job as an electrical engineer then leave TCS and search for a job. And if you knw that what interest you in MBA like Marekting, Operations then go for MBA and dont go for TCS as being an Electrical engineer doing a job of an IT engineer wont count.

Can anyone throw some light on CRISIL? The only thing I know about it is that it is a credit rating company, like S&P.; But what are the prospects for such a company? How is the growth? And is it worth to invest in the company for long term (like, more than 5 years)? What price range can be considered to enter this stock?

I read on that it is a good long term buy as it has monopoly in its industry. It has got really good numbers for last few years and balance sheet is in healthy state, cash flow is also good. So plz share your views on the same.

Thanks :)

CRISIL is a part of S&P; i.e S&P; is the parent company of CRISIL. There are many more credit rating companys like FITCH, CARE, so it doesnot have monopoly. And as you read on , you can also read reports of brokerage houses like Motilal Oswal and rely on there recommendations.

Hope it will help you!
ADITI22 Says
is it good for rural marketing not for its hr specialisation??? I want to do mba in hr domain....

Yes you can go for HR specialisation. Placements are also good for HR students but mostly Microfinance companies come like Sahayta, Earth Microfinance etc.
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ADITI22 Says
can any one tell me about the institute of rural management, jaipur???? hwz this institute??? is it a good institute????

Yes it is a good option if you are a localite. The fee is also less as compared to other good B schools and with rural marketing you can also go for other courses as well.
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