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Last year cutoff for IIT Bombay was 85+.

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therock_143 Says
hey last year cutoff was around 72 for last few ranks and paper was a bit easy especially VA-RC, this time ant-syn were quite tough......... any answer for "fatalistically " i marked pre-ordained

I scored 80 marks last year and my rank was 964. This year paper seemed much tougher.
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Hey guys.. Could someone give the number of AICTE office so that we can talk to them and ask them directly about the queries? I attended my college for 2 weeks (Orientation) and would now like to withdraw. The waitlists are still coming out. I want to know what will happen if the college cant fill the seat(in their words).

as_nanda Says
I dont know about the second list but some 6 7 people have withdrawn recently according to the assistant registrar (I had called him up to inquire about refund ).

Hey Is it 6 or 7 or 67? Because 6 or 7 sounds a bit too less. I know 3 guys personally who left IIT loads of guys who got thru IIT D and Mumbai in the first list and were cleared in the wailist at IIT KGP

Thats what i meant. All the guys who were initially not selected could be in the waitlist right? I entered my Jmet Number in the results link at the VGSOM site and it still says that im not in the final list. Does anybodys result say Waitlisted or are there only two display messages..One being Selected and the other not selected?

Hey a very weird question..My result ( the one declared originally) showed me as "Not Selected". So i stopped checking this thread. Just saw the whole activity regarding the waitlist movement (IITs finally filling the seats). Anyways was anyone waitlisted? I read that there are only two messages being displayed. That being Selected and Not selected. Does that mean all those who were not selected are waitlisted?

USS..GGSIPU main campus

Anyone from GGSIPU joining FORE???

Last query..If I do join either KJSOM or FORE(or for that matter any b school) would i get time to prepare for mba next year too?I mean how rigorous are the studies in the 2nd tier colleges such as those named above?

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KJ has a better brand perception than fore....placements are almost the same. And campus life matters as they would have an impact on your personality...for that i would recommend a residential course would realise the difference only when you are undergoing it.

I would lean towards KJ unless you have absolute reasons for stayin in delhi(assuming you are staying in delhi)

I live walking distance from fore. And i wanted to give JMET again next year because i dont think FORE or kjsom do justice to my profile
91% 10th and 88% 12th (both DPS RKP)
75% Btech (chemical)
State level BB player.
Had a CAT % of 95
Considering that which one shud i join?I will only continue on with either college if they do justice to my profile and i get a good job(salary+profile)
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