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Ita a old prob bt can ne one tell me the approach plz..

Consider 4 (dimensionless) flies, 2 males and 2 females. They are situated at the four corners of a square of side 10 meters, the two males at diagonally opposite ends. At any time, each fly tries to reach the male-female fly in front of her-him using the shortest possible route. Since the flies are flying towards another, they will meet each other at a certain time at the center of the square. What is the length of the path that each has traveled at the moment they reach each other?

gave Testfunda iCAT

got 15 in 1section

i guess cat is not for me
not smart enuf

ATB to others

hello frnd ,

i know tht this post shd not b here bt i need help

i took up the test funda test but i m not able to see my score can u plz guide me hw can i see my score.
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Correct answer..approach pls

let the series is a +ar + ar^2 + ar^3 + ar^4 + ar^5

now odd places are a + ar^2 + ar^4......................1
even places are ar + ar^3 + ar^5 .........................2

1/2 then r = 2/3
putthe value of r the get the value of a
put both in the formula of sum i.e s= a/1-r
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If the sum of first three odd numbered terms and the sum of first 3 even numbered terms in an infinite GP are 6 and 4 respectively, then what is the Sum of the series?

I M getting

1458/133 as answer correct me if i m wrong
Some questions from my side

1) The Nobel Prize 2010 in Literature was awarded to ___.
a. Liu Xiaobo
b. Mario Vargas Liosa
c. Andre Geim and Konstantin Novoselov
d. Akira Suzuki

2)Ezhuthachan Award 2010 (Ezhuthachan Puraskaram) was awarded to ___.
a. Sugathakumari
b. M Leelavathi
c. O N V Kurup
d. Sukumar Azhikode

3)Name the present Chief Election Commissioner of India?
a. Navin Chawla
b. S Y Quraishi
c. N Gopalaswami
d. B B Tandon

4) The largest irrigation project in Kerala is ___.
a. Kallada
b. Malampuzha
c. Pallivasal
d. Neyyar

5) The Directorate of Bhutan Lotteries is situated at ___.
a. Thimphu
b. Jakar
c. Punakha
d. Phuentsholing


Is dere ne one who can give links to ebooks, mock papers and any other study materials which is freely available online,,,

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Ostensible : Stated or appearing to be true, but not necessarily so.
Ostentatious : Characterized by vulgar or pretentious display; designed to impress or attract notice

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hi may i know whch course in GL u r joining
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Hi,Please dont share your email-id here.I will pm you the link where you can download the papers.

Hello Frnd kindly
PM the link to me too fr dwnloading the paers or fr ne other amaterial u gt ,

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Any one in chennai interested in donationg his/her any study material..?
Thx in advance.plz let me know if any of u have the any study material ranging from mock papers, books to internet links please share it plz plz plz