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Cleared the May21, 2011 ERP exam......ecstatic

guys in delhi taking the exam - just one tip, the authorities will recklessly call u at 7 am on the day of the exam but would let u inside school premises only at 7:45 no point in coming out early unless u hav sm company.......

sumit686 Says
What is admission office no?

dude...bcome a bit more jugadu now....go to iim i website nd look for urself!!!!
harishGA Says in........ but when does d college starts..what abt the prep course...i have no idea abt it..

college starts on 1st july, no separate prep classes bfore 1st july, all those selected for prep classes will hav their classes side by side of regular classes!!!
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ATB to all waitlisters!!! God willing, will see u all at the campus in a month's time!!

100 students from each category were given cl
its combined?
i mean sc + general + st + obc = 100
100 guys from each category were given call

100 guys from all categories combined...we estimated this based on 2010-12 Batch facebook group additions after the first waitlist got cleared...cannt comment on the breakup b/w categories.....also, many of the waitlist converts who had better calls might not hav joined the group nd there estimate remains at best a guess.......

Alright, I see lot of queries and anxiety around the waitlist movement last lessen ur anxiety, i will give u data of last 2 years nd then u can decide as to where u stand ...

Batch of 2009 - 10

waitlist movement cleared till W/L Rank buffer calls were given in initial list...there were 3-4 waitlist movements nd waitlist was moving even after the course started!!!

Batch of 2010 - 11

waitlist was declared in an anonymous manner.....on 11th may the final result list was announced nd those who were waitlisted were just told tht they were waitlisted and no waitlist rank was given, idea how many buffer calls were given....first waitlist clearance results were announced on 1st june.....a lot of people converted in that list.....a general consensus on PG was tht around 100 people across all categories were given final calls....

i think general category sort of saturated over there with few more converts in next waitlist.....SC/ST list moved tremendously nd they were not able to fill all the seats with available pool nd had to conduct another round of i/vs to fill the seats!!!!

hope this info helps!!


Congrats to all those converted!!!

This is the time to celebrate!!!!

nanand1809 Says
@anshuljain_iitd... I have sent u a PM.. pls reply !

sry dude...i hav not received ur message in my inbox,...u might have to resend it!!
seniors, i have a question 10th ,12th marks again important for landing into a good internship or placements ..i have only 58.33% in 12th and one of the reasons i couldn't land into a good job...if i pass from a premier institute(TOP-15, i m expecting) ..will that help me overshadow my low 12th marks.. ???

dude, sadly the answer is yes as far as Fin and Top consulting firms are concerned....however u can make up for it if u show aspike in ur academic performance....say u were a topper at ur engg college or at B-school....tht will alleviate the -ve effects of low % in 12th class......atleast, they will matter during ur internship which is purely based on ur past profile.....otherwise how will they differentiate b/w 450 students when they hav to shortlist say only 50.....for finals, ur batch rank wil matter a lot nd 12th class marks may take a backseat!!

for marketing, i dont think 12th class marks will be much of a botheration as u can easily make up thru extra currics and positions of responsibility.....there are some consulting firms which may ignore ur past acads during finals ......

still, i would say these are still early days to think of all such stuf...watever has already happened u cann' change.....i myself hav fared poorly in 12th class relative to rest of my academic record but hav managed to get over it.....

so u hav to take such things into consideration.....there might be some frustration initially, but if u make a dilligent effort, u will get over it!!! nothing will be served readymade, u hav to compliment it with something extraordinary!!!
vishal27871 Says
@anshul,i PMed u a query,can u ans it plz...

I replied yesterday itself to ur query....hav replied again...check ur inbox!!
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