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Before reading the book I used to think that B K Nehru ( cousin of Pt Nehru) was just another member of extended nehru gandhi family who got posiiton becuase of his parentage.
but how wrong i was
here is a bureaucarat , administrator and india's first investment banker if one may call so. a good read.

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well as far as last adn first salary slip is concerned it is for gauging your growwth in job.
You can mail admission committee and tel lthem your predicament about experience certificate. I guess salary slips can also work as proxy for no of months experience but if u want to claim about some particular work then u need certiifcate!


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i hail from indore and have some useful insights.
contact me at

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@ mindsmith
where can we see that top 20 list by IIM B?

Rag Darbari by Srilal Shukla is am ust read for people interested in Hindi but who are always put off by memories of Premchand read during school days.
Well all of you would agree that no matter how much we read Vikram seth , AMitava Ghosh or Chetan Bahgat real India specially Hindi hertland can be explored & felt only through Hindi literature.
But out english medium education & cliched movies form Bollywood & Ekta Kapur serials make us heaveily biased agianst Hindi Literature.

Rag Darabri has a background of village politics but in a humourous way .We can call it Black comedy. It breaks the romantic notion of Indian village propounded by Gandhi & nurtured by bollywood movies.
It does not show some Naxal infested & Zamindar oppressed village as one would imagine in communist literature.
Rather it shows how a typical (90%) Indian vilalges are.
obviously it was written in 70s so we can't see vilalge life after liberalization but in addition to that it is nor bulky , thmese are simple but with good insight & it does not preach anytihng. Characters are gray not pure black & white which is rare in Hindi literature.
So if someone wants a real taste of Rural India Raag Darbari is highly recommended.

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can u give the details of contset you mentioned. at least next yr people can participate.

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i mentioned outside B school ambit.

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i could not find any thread relating to tihs topic.
I want to know various mangment contest organised by industries, financila institutions & academia on a regualr basis ( say annually) apart from ususal B school fests.
be it some case contest , quiz or essay contest.

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Nehru's Autobiography
yes u heard it right .Nehru's autobiography .Despite having an interest in politics I never knew that NEhru has an autobiography to his credit apart from largely overrated discovery of India till I got it form a friend.
Literary quality or narration style wise book is no good but still it is worth reading because
1. Unlike Gandhi's celebrated My experiments with truth , this book gives no major revealation but Nehru admits of all his shortcomings.
2. Book is limited till 1935 only , so no insight on partition devleopments or Independent India.
3. This book is am ust read for all psychophants tlaknig aobut Nehru family's sacrifices .Books make it pretty clear that everyone in their family played very safe with britishers got in & out of Geol at will ,enjoyed their quiet whisky & hill resort holidays & had a REAL disdain for poor of India though they blamed british for this.
4. This book shows why most of our inital efforts towards development failed becoz they were made by peoplehorribly out of tune with the realities of India. At one palce nehru claims to have interacted with 10 million people in a span of 3 months of election campaign .( remember franchise was limited & communication very difficult).
5.Nehru obviously has a disdain for revolutionaries & he doesn't hide his contmept of Gandhi for his inner voice. I think only nehru could dare to do such thing in India withou being branded RSSite.
6.All people who paved his way were good ,all those not were bad. Jinnah finds mention only once in the whole book!!!

Overall a must read for people who are tired of Manishankar Aiyer's argument of Savarkar being communalist patriot & Sonai Gandhi 's daily prayer of Nehru parivar' balidan.
A good book togive an idea about NEhru- gandhi relationship. otherwise useless.
In fact as a person u can have glimpses of real Nehru than what you get in his much celbrated biography by S Gopal.

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Posting after results but nevertheless might be useful for next yr's batch.
Profile :
X- MP board 86.2 ( with 100 in maths & 99 in science)
XII - MP Board 84.66
B TEch in electrical & M tech in Instrumentation & minor in ECE from IIT KGP - 7.83/10 ( 2006)
Working with L&T; since June 2006 as Mangment Trainee. Executive assistant to GM
Percentile - 99.59
Calls - BLI
COnverted - BLI
1st March - IIM B - (;00 AM
Prof padmini Srinivasan & Dr Ojha

GD: Dr gupta approved a drug oging agianst unanimous rejection by other members under pressure of patients' relatives, drug failed now what to do with Dr gupta?
Good enough. Started. Gave various points such as this is accredition agency so they can't really take steps to mitigate the side effects. What Dr Gupta did was perfectly within rules so need to take a relook at rules giving more power to scientific community. Committee's recommendation are accepted by pateint community so Dr Gupta made a mistake .In medical profession even one mistake is enough to wash all gud past track records.
His job requires him to work indpenednt of pressure group tactics .Made a point reagrding provisional approval & limited releases.

Super civilised GD .Everyone was giving everyone else time. Being 7 people helped our cause a lot.

Third one to be interviewed. The guy before me was made to sing karnataka Music ( his hobby ) so I rehearsed three- four hindi poe ms before going inside. ( My hobby is hindi poetry).
P1 - Dr Ojha , P2 - Prof Padmini Srinivasan

PI : favourite subject?
PE : project?
Real life application? ( my project was on power electronics but my specialisation is in instrumentation)
Trains have motors? ( topic was magnetic trains ,I said now u r going to mechanical domain .Then he siad u should know this thing .To this ireplied one shoudl be master in one's own domain similar to pint I made in GD aobut Dr Gupta)
Job what u do?
Valuation can be right? ( I did an M&A; study at job. P1 said u can never do correct valuation .I said thr r always some hiddne synergy which only insiders know , not normal public .Gave example of one suct M&A; at our workplace. Then he said private scompanies do valuation no one craeates a nosie , but when govt. does it people cry hoarse. I said You & I can't question valuations by Tata or Vodafone as we are not their shareholders but can question GOI as we vote for it. Led to a good discussion)

Economics ? industrial economics?what they taught you?


History ? why required? Book of neerad choudhary? ( my hobby)
Academic flexible? ( I had mentioned in SOP)
Prediction on cricket team?
Marwari? Why not successful in marwar itself?( I had mentioned in other reason )
Why not reduce duty ? consumer is the king? ( I mentioned about duty being reduced on medical products in budget harming our business .I am with medical industry)