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could anyone please explain to me how to find out if an equation has real roots or not, in case of cubic or biquadratic equations as for example :

x^4 - 2x^3 +3x^2 -4x +5 =0


Hi puys

Some questions from my end . As usual methodology is more welcomed than the answer .

1. If f(x) = summation(r=1 to x) 1/r , f(10) = a/b , f(20) = c/d, f(30) = m/n , where HCF of a and b= HCF of c and d = HCF of m and n = 1, then the roots of teh equation are
a) Imaginary b) Rational c) Cannot be rational d) Integers

2 . If pth , qth, and rth terms of a GP be 27,8, and 12 respectively, then the equations px^2 + 2qx - 2r =0 has
a) Only one root in (0,1) b) No root in (0,1) c) Both roots in (0,1) d) Imaginary roots

3. If a, b be the roots of teh quadratic equation x^2 + ax+b = 0 and m,n,p,q are distinct integers in AP SUCH THAT a

0 b) b+1+|a| = 0 c) b+|a| = 0 d) 1+b+a
4. Given that P and Q are the roots of teh equation Ax^2 -4x + 1 =0 and R and S are the roots of the equation Bx^2 -6x +1 =0 . What is teh value of A so that P,Q,R, and S are in HP ?

a)1 b)2 c)3 d)4

5. In a certain race the winner beats the other 6 contestants by 10,20,30,40,50,60 m respectively . Find by what distance the 3rd runner up beats the 4th runner - up , if he was 11.11 m ahead of teh 4th runner - up , when the first runner-up finished the race

a) 14.14 b)14.28 c)16.66 d) None of these


Please solve the following question . Also provide the detailed solution :


Please solve the following question . Also provide the detailed solution :


Please solve the following question . Also provide the detailed solution :

Hi Anshul,

Is the ans for the first one C (i.e 17)?

i am getting total allocated for DS,DI,QA,EU, and RC = 200 marks and
GD nad PI = 50 proceed.

Konda more than answer, approach is welcomed .

I don't have the answere right now with me, but will post them soon


Please solve the below attached problem

please see the below attached doc

hey thanks,

Do you work on Arun sharma Quants also...

then plz ans my two questinos....

1) how many pages it has ( dont have to 300, 400....

2) cost doesnt' matter but jus wwant to know..

pages i think would be around 500 and the cost is arnd Rs350/=
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Yes puys,

Please suggest me if any good book is there for DI and Reasonging?

Also I heard Arun sharma quant is good. How many pages it contains? what's the cost?

THen How is Arun sharm's DI and Reasoning book....I mean is Anshul right in saying it's purely numbers and no logic...??

PUYS PLEASE HELP ME. JUS 2 months to go for Cat...can't afford to neglect :(

ANshul you also PM me if you get to know thru any other source.

THanks in advance PUYS :)

Actually konda, in Arun Sharma also there are some exercises on Logical ones, but mostly 80 percent of the book deals with calculations.