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I was booking my slot for GMAT in New Delhi. I saw 2 Centers -

1. Positive Solutions - NEW (Near Pahar Ganj)
2. Pearson Professional Centers-New Delhi, - Old - (Near NIFT)

I know the details about the old one. I just want to know the reviews of test takers about the new 'Positive Solutions' Center, things such as - Noise, Screens, Comps, etc.

It will be a great help. Thanks.

@Mods - I cudn't find any thread relevant for this post. So I have made a new thread. If its not in right place, you may post it there or gimmi the link. But its kinda urgent.

I also saw two centers in New Delhi and couldn't find the address for the Positive Solutions.
If anyone has taken test there then plz give a review.
Plz help its urgent.

Myth 1: More practice = Higher GMAT score
Myth 2: 1000SC is standard prep material
General Myth 3 (may or may not apply to you) : "My problem was time management"

I will elaborate on each separately.

Myth 1: The explanation
GMAT is a test designed to engage higher order reasoning skills, just more practice will not get you anywhere close to your dream score. It is more important to learn from your mistakes on the OG than doing 200 more questions. Review,not Revise should be the mantra.

Myth 2: The reasons
Authentic material is always hard to find, less in quantity and Always about quality. If you are returning to the OG's and still remember the answers, it just means that you are coming back too soon. Probably you tried to mug up the correct answers while doing it the first time round, rather than understanding what was the real learning, or takeaway from that question.

General Myth 3: Know your current level as best possible
If you are unable to score the first time around, it is quite possible that you could have done better with better time-management, but does it not apply to everyone? Practice CAT's are the tools which provide you with the ability to manage your time well on the G-Day. If you were unable to manage time in both the sections then definitely there was some shortfall in your preps which led to that. Concentrate on those shortfalls rather than letting yourself believe that the next time, better time management will save you. Q46 is 73%ile and V27 is around 41%ile, the only way from here is forward(or Up).

Now my suggestions, if possible, take a break, re-assess the strategies you have been using till now. I am sure you will find a lot of areas where you can definitely improve. Dont rush into taking the GMAT again till you really believe that it was JUST the time-management that stumped you. if that is the case, then you dont need any more practice as such, just give some GMATPrep's, finish the OG's again and take the test 31 days after your first attempt.

I wrote this long post just to let you know that trying again is not the problem, trying at the right time when you are really READY is much, much more important. Please think about your action plan once again before doing anything else.

If you need any specific help do pm me.

Thanx Sausi007 for your elaborate answer. I will certainly take your tips.
I would still like to know about the course material of Knewton and Veritas.
Thanx again for reply.
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Hi All
I took my GMAT in Sep., 2011 and got 610 (V27, Q46). I am planning to re-take the test by Nov. 20, 2011. I felt that I messed-up with my time management during my last attempt. I believe that I can manage a score of 700+. Now my problem is I have exhausted all the prep material with me. So when I am trying to solve the questions from OG or Manhattan or 1000SC, most the time I am able to guess the right answer without solving the problems. So I need some good authenticated material/questions to practice. I have heard about Newton's and Veritas' prep material. If any one can give me a review for the same then I would be better able to decide to get and practice these materials.
Please help, its very urgent.

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A) Which B-Schools to target is a very personal choice, depending on your dreams, goals, choice of location etc. More details will be required to even start to point towards any schools.

B) Her experience seems to be good, at least no. of years wise, the essays need to be well written to make any app look convincing ! (Maybe u can ask her to get her profile evaluated by some professionals )

C) Re-take of GMAT should be attempted if she has the drive to do so, because until and unless she really wants to do it, there would be no point in pushing her to retake. And obviously she should feel that she can improve on the 610 she has got.

D) Since you are already a Puy, maybe you can help add another Puy to this forum and ask her to join and utilize the vast resources available at hand and also interact with experts and commoners alike.

Thanks sausi007 for reply.
She surely is going to be a member soon, its just that I m a member n she wanted to have some opinion n options so that she can decide the future course of action early, I posted on her behalf.
She wants to do one year MBA. Any good college which takes admissions from November to April would be good for her. She can join any good college in India or abroad. She wants to go into operations or finance.
Please provide some help on these points.

Hi Rutty
I appeared in gmat today . I got 610 . I am a software engineer with 4.5 year of IT experience and 1 year of teaching experience . I want to apply for November 2011 . Can I apply for SPJAT now? so that I can take admission in November , 2011 batch .

I am posting on behalf of my friend.
She is B.Tech. in Computer Science from Haryana.
She has 4.5 years of IT experience in a Government of India R&D; firm.
She also has 1 year experience of teaching in Engineering college.
She took her GMAT today i.e. 09/09/2011 and got 610.
Please suggest which B-Schools she can target with this profile and score?
Will it be a good option to re-take the test?
Also can anyone tell when in SPJAT shceduled?

Please reply. Any help would be much appreciated.