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@coolsammie04 hello cool sammie :*
Are motorbike allowed inside campus.I guess being a big campus some students might be willing to use bikes.
Seniors please enlighten on the same...

it has been mentioned previously by one of the seniors that motor bikes are not allowed... only cycles are allowed ...

sorry for getting out of topic but my friend request is pending in the doms iit madras facebook group since the last few days... admins plz accept my request, i'm also joining iitm...

punyog Says
sent dd by speed post on 27. status shows no record. any clue when update will be completed ?

Me too.....
victory87 Says
Hi seniors, I want finance instead of Hr. Do I need to mention it in the covering letter which I will be sending with DD. My first preference was HR only so it won't get upgraded. Pls advice.

thats EXACTLY the same case with me. I got hr that was my 1st preference that time so it wont get upgraded. but i need finance now.
i'm sending the dd today though
Hi Seniors,

I have made a BIG mistake in my preference list . Is their a way to change it if I cant ill ruin an year of mine. I have got selected for PGDM (HR) . I want to put other specialization above it. Is there any way to change it .
It will solve a big problem of mine.


same here... I too got HR which was my first preference that time but need finance now... pata ni change hopaega ya nai...

converted my first call
but got hr that was my first preference(that time)... made a mistake. ..but want to upgrade it to finance, is it possible by any chance ....:|

I too had it on 7th :'(
Kya kismat hai yaar :'(

which slot? mine was afternoon
suny1110 Says
any one from nagpur gd/pi centre got mail????????

yes I got mail.. i had given gd pi in nagpur on 7th feb

ok thanks . if i have converted then yippeee