• 22 karma thru PGDCM. btw i ws expecting PGDM
nywys..........i m happy


Please mention the source of this info even if its unofficial. Also, do u know abt the meeting IIM directors had today?
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Guyz..........have a look at this. IIMB agreed to implement OBC quota this year by allocating 19 seats.

IIM-Bangalore awaiting ministry nod for OBC quota admission - Yahoo! India News

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Bad news guyz........ got a message frm one of my frens having multiple IIM calls.
He said SC has agreed to implement quota nd left the decision on institutes to decide whethtr to implement it this year or next year. A kinda interview by NDTV with IIMA director was also held in which he said We were goin to announce the results tomorrow but now we will not announce them atleast tomorrow. Also, he said the results delay might extend upto a week. It seems tht IIMA has no probs in implementing quota this year.

I guess the same last year's story will be repeated.

P.S. Don take ny action based on these statements coz i have myself not seen the interview.

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sammy_mitr Says
what the hell is wrong with ubs..they have put up d result on their site but i am not on the list...they dont have any gd/pi too...i have got 96 percentile n i havnt been selected...:icon_cry:

I am unable to see any link on UBS website. Can u plz provide d link?
ntpg24 Says
anyone here with IIMA-ABM call ??

Yes, I have a call frm IIMA-ABM and IIML-ABM. Whts the matter btw?
barunava Says
I have told ATM. If u can't get it, leave it.

I m also talking of that ATM list n I m also giving it tomo FYI. Frm whre did u get tht list..........thts wt i wnt to knw
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barunava Says
The ATM is going to be held tomorrow over all the four places of interview. I have checked today from a list in IIMC that 32 ppl are appearing for it from Kolkata. Can u guys plz inform how about the number in other three places?

Which list r u talkin about man?
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My experience:

Work-ex - 18 months in IT, worked in family business as teenager.

Buddy, u must have prepared the business profile. I m also frm family business thing.
Can u tell me it was of hw mny pages , wht majorly is to be written
n did the interviewers had a good look at it?

Was dere ny specific cross quesioning on it?
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I hve a problem regarding IIMC form. The work-ex part demands a separate report
in case of self employment or family business. I m presntly doin my family business.
I hve no idea wht to write in tht report and hw to go about it............. coz no oder IIM asked fr it
Any person wid a similar case or seniors ........plz help its urgent
i hve my call on March 17