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I got my wait list clear day before yesterday...on 13th..and asked to pay by 16,23 and 30April as deadlines. However, my employer is not relieving me in 15days and i am not able to grab this opportunity.

When i am trying to login i am getting the below message:
Your Application has not been submitted.
We wish you better luck next time.

Though i had recieved the confirmation mail from for successful completetion of addimision form.

please guide me, my application no is 101943. Is there any way to find out my result??

Did you get a call for GDPI? u attended GDPI?at that time were you able to login?

Thank You for posting your experience. What did the interviewers reply to your first ques?

Take printout of your online XAT scorecard that will work as well.

Well i recevied my physical XAT scorecard yesterday so u will be receiving it pretty soon too.
Yup thats true... My twopence on this: What i fail to understand is the fact that if a company says attrition rate is high and thus you have to serve 'x' months notice period.. how does it make a difference? The guy is still going to quit right. And why make the employee suffer if attrition rate is high? its the company/pay/profile that might be the problem.

My views entirely though All the best to everyone for their GD/PI. Hoping I get an admit :)

Though i heard from somebody that there's a law from GoI that no company can force a employee for notice peroid if hes going for higher education. I just heard this from some friend. Has anybody heard about this or can provide some documents that prove that this is true?
thanks indraneel

between we will be saved to a certain extent only if we get the results by feb end

even if the results are coming at march first week or so,then it will be very diffiuclt for us to join mid april
as we have to serve 2 months notice period.

worse for those guys who have 3 months notice period.

me too with 2 months notice period. Making situations worse, employers are not ready for any buyouts of notice period of even 1 day due to high attritions in the industry.
its already there...if u mean the b school connect...
it is mentioned as GLIM

All of the shortlisted people please add your profile into PG GD-PI Connect .
This would enable us to connect and collaborate for preparations easily.:cheerio:
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anybody from 11thfeb afternoon session at delhi?

Hi Moderators,
Can we please get Great lakes added into PG connect asap.

Its not only that, many of us have submitted well before the deadline. I believe that it is not right on the college part as well to give into prospective students mistakes/lack of planning and keep extending the deadlines. Many of us would have planned/cancelled personal activities on the dates the interviews were actually scheduled(mailers that admission team sent). So now if the dates get postponed again, its once again change in plan for us.

Somebody from admissions/Capsule please let us know whether there will be any change in the interview dates(18/19/20th Feb for Chennai) or the date when GD/PI shortlist will be put up(4th Feb). Also would the final list be put up at least a month before the course starts?

I feel somehow its not fair for those applicants who worked on their applications well in time on or before 15th Jan. I am really not able to understand why Great Lakes extended the deadlines so as to attract more students for filling in the new forms and for the convenience of these new applicants. Generally prestigious schools like MDI,SP Jain, GIM etc never extend the deadlines whatever number of applicants they lose. Those who really wanted to apply to Great Lakes would not have waited till the XAT results to come before applying. No offense to Great lakes but i was really feeling bad about this and hence kept my viewpoint here. Inputs by Capsules/Indraneel/seniors would be really appreciated.
AACSB accreditation process is a two stage process. First you apply and become a member and then you complete the accreditation process. If you see the logo itself it shows a member logo and not an accreditation logo. It is an exhaustive process and Great Lakes is in the process of getting it done.

Now regarding all these accreditations, honestly saying, they are not of much significance. Practically speaking it would help in many administrative processes. So you don't need to worry about them too much. Anyways I have forwarded your request to the internal administration team and when they respond I will inform you guys.

Thank you so much for the reply Capsule. My query was also about the mandatory disclosure document by great lakes. I couldn't locate it on Great Lakes website can you guide me in finding that too?