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hi Varun (NITIE), i pm u, regarding some questions, kindly address them,
Kindly share your personal email id,i think u didnt received my pm.


Can anybody help me in understanding a FMCG supply chain, inputs will be highly appreciated

quicksilver24 Says
WOW ....amazing why dont u give placement figures ...for different branches to prove ur fact .......developing like anything sounds very funny and exaggerated ...was a good try ........did u got money for marketing from upes

listen dude,, firstly i said from start that its ur right to go n visit the campus n get the details regarding all your queries, i am not forcing any body , as my words are perfect , kindly dont put allegations on someone unless u dont know any body johnnnnnnnnny..... take care..
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kumarravindra87 Says
hi ankur i have gt management aviation,upes could u guide m whether to tk admission at tht brnch..plz prvid a tru pic of placment in tht brnch.

hey ravindran,
as far aviation is concerned as far i know 7-8 eople were placed in GMR group @ 5.5 lakh,,, rest u can confirm from college placement cell, or u can visit the campus and interact with students before taking admissions.

Best of luck.
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hi ,
i went thru the posts on this thread, and found people apprehensive and sceptical.

this to all those people who are seeking admission in mba course across various mba branches,its gud to hear that people are keen on knowing about the college and placements,but its also essential to know ones strengths and area of focus and interest, as the university offers highly domain specefic courses.
One can mould his or her career in the desired field if he/she wants to.
And regarding the placements front i would say that the university is developing like anything.
They are doing a decent job and hope they do much better with time.

Ankur gautam
mba :Supply chain and logistics

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has any body got confirmation abut date of joining or any other confirmation from colg side

yeah as gd pi is almost over so forum thread has little bit boring

no information yet,,,,, competion of gdpis is not a gud enough reason for people, not to be on the thread
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When I get older, I will be stronger
Theyll call me freedom, just like a Waving Flag
And then it goes back, and then it goes back
And then it goes back

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If you have watched the German approach (rather Argentine flaws closely) you would've understood why did I remark that. Argentina left mammoth Gap between defence and the Attack (4-1-5 combination as noted by Arigo Sakki calling Maradon a rebel among the coaching fraternity). same sort of thing was happening for England also. but for spain it would never going to happen as they play total football (which means every position in a ground can be occupied by any player in a given moment). So the galloping runs which Sweinstieger and Lahm produce will definitely come to a halt.

At the same time spain has XAVI in holding position, no body is better than him in that role. In a single pass XAVI covers somewhere around 20 yards (remember yesterday's Melo's pass for Robinho).

Because of the little space that these spaniards leave on the gorund I resorted to think that these German may get halted but then If Loew comes back with a different strategy then it would be different game alltogether.

@ NT

HI,,,, you are right man,,, messi will have to wait more for next time around,,,,,, with a team,,, having great defence and pacy strikers , not people like higuain,,, who rely on gifted passes from team mates rather their own scoring abilities. and ofcourse surely germany vs spain would be a humdinger, with quite similar style of plays.
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still reeling in...........argentina was gud as a unit in group matches and against mexico,,,, with messi waiting for his turn,,,,,,but here we found the germans with pace,,, swift ,,, agility and above all their height,,, looks to be the team with average height highest in the world cup..... it was a disappointing performance by argentines,,,,,,,,,,, BYE BYE MARADONA,,,,,ur boys were too slow..............FOLKS SWITCH BACK TO CRICKET

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