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haavent registerd
but will register before september deadline
no plans of studying till dec

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happy...cleared..survived >70 in only 3 .

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@Megha...I don't think any one of us is a position to offer advise as of now...Talk to us on July 26, and some of us might just not shut up .....back to my prayer room!!

hey !!!
well i got a total of 125.....something 2500 ranking .. any chances in gujju quota ???

sorry not possible
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Please let me know my chances for Somaiya ILS

(I'm not sure if this is the right thread to post this query as it mentions GLMS, but I couldn't find one for ILS.)

Score 155 + 1mark (for 2 yrs work ex which hasn't been given).

University General Merit: 199
State General Merit: 262

Category: Open (not Gujju)

Would be grateful for any help/direction.
Thank you in advance!

u r in
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for all those who r choosing between k.j n sydhnem
not much to choose one major diff is sydhnem has a small batch size ,so placing 120 compared to 360 is easy
also fees of k.j is greater than sydhnem,
if u think u r good n think u can get j.b nxt year or even better n can wait ,give it a try
but for all those who r confused between k.j n sydhnem..take wat u get ,not much off a diff

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score 122 + 14 + 15 + 4 = 155
state merit list rank 271
university merit list rank 204
please tell me whether i have a chance through GLMS ... i have got WELINGKAR PGDM so should i cancel my admission there??? please reply...

u will get in to somaiya glms in round1
n wait till last round if lucky u might end up in sydhnem
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plz mention u r rank

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Hi what are my chances at 98.36 percentile (home university non gujju)? Par 3/6..good GD PI

u r chances r good if u score extremley good gdpi(32+/34)
with this percentile iit would have been difficult last yar
but since this year scores wer less there is a chance to cover up
be optimistic
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