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Hi All,

I know I am late, but I just bought the Schweser Material for FRM and as I am told that along with Handbook is more than sufficient. My query is.. is there any particular approach to going about the preparation as in.. First X topic and then Y topic to make things smoother and relate better or without order also it's the same thing.

Hoping to hear from you guys soon..


Among the bushes of side-burns
lied that meandering white hair
just around my right ear,
giving me so much of fear.
On the roll was
my contemplation,
my day-dreaming
as i started thinking
Of those teeth
that would be gone,
Of those wrinkles
that would hone
Of those bones
that would be week
and no-longer hold on to this geek..

As my thoughts crept into the grey days,
with the dusky sun burying its rays,
I looked at life...
those 'young', old days,
And before I could cry,
I smiled at myself...
looking into the mirror
that unveiled my hair
All I saw was just a thread
playing around,
grey and dead!



and wat bout break of seats ..? any idea..

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any details about when GD/PI will b conducted and is it only in Delhi?

Also, how many seats are we contesting for? any break-ups as per general/st/sc n all ?

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Please check a couple of results for me:

Ankur Garg (Roll No-25027) and Arjun Mahajan(25031)


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Can anyone tell, how to retrieve Roll Number in case one has forgotten it? I have the application form number if it's of any help.


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Hello Seniors,

My Rank is 1766

Xth - 84%
XIIth - 74%
Btech - 77%

Work-ex: Working with Infosys for last 19 months

Decent Extra-currics

Please tell me, what are my chances for Kgp? Also, what's the ranking of IIT's after Kgp.


Hi Tanveer,

Could you please include me in the mail-list for the Questions that you send.

Thanks and Regards,

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Hey Guys,

Besides going off-target in cut-offs, there was one more thing i realised in section DI. The caselete were pretty similar to the ones that have appeared in last year's Test Series or for that matter previous CAT's and in some cases had only value changes. Is TIME running out of questions?? Anyways this was my score, i really don't know where I stand after knowing the fact that TIME's cutoff has been defied by many of us.

QA: 68
DI : 69
VA: 52 (screwed up)

Total : 189

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