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And if you all wish, I will not comment over here.

@Vision, Sorry for being personal over here in answering to a question, but couldn't stop myself when people start questioning your attitude after having devoted so much time to this thread and making it running.

This verbal duel forced me to post me atlast.
First of all thank you palak for giving us fruitful information throughout this thread and if not for you this thread would have been dead long back.
Secondly, just because of few who didnt happen to read previous pages and just blatantly said things against you; you cannot generalise that "if you all" not want....infact many users like me who have benefited from your posts but have not posted here will strongly sought your opinion about civil sevices....
Just because of exceptions palak you cannot change the rule...and atlast u r aspiring for UPSC .If others are immature( and they are) i would expect you to forgive them of thier ignorance....
I completely agree with you regarding book part....
PS:- This is one of very few posts which i have posted in pagalguy....I tried to restrain from personal attacks ...if still anybody feels I regret for that.


u can go for french of german FL course.
also,some CSR activities can alsobe considered by you!!!!!!!!

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I M Luvin It!!

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it will definitely come on 24 th...... sachin's birthday .....i think every indian love tendulkar....(that includes XL proff also i hope) result are on 24th i think......
really sorry for spamming...1 and last tym!!!!!!!!!!


Repeat post!!!!!!!!!

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This interview is for the course: (BM or HRM) HRM
Other calls: (other XL calls, other institute calls) XIMB,IMT-G,NMIMS,GIM

XAT percentile: 99.68%le.
Interview Centre: Bangalore

Educational Profile
X: 83.80
XII: 77.50
Undergrad Major - GPA/%age: 72.10
Any other professional certification or course undertaken: NA

Work profile (if applicable)
Number of months : 18
Sector/Industry : IT
Special achievements at work : Yes, but not asked/told in interviews
Other differentiating factors : N/A
Regarding GD/Group Exercise
GD/GE Topic: Norway situation:Cause and consequences
It was a very good GD.I think I spoke alot which was reflected in my PI also!!!
About the panel
Panelists Intro:
P1 - Shantanu Sarkar
P2 - Manoj Thomas
P3 -Manish Singhal
Some words about the panel and its general behavior/conduct: Panel was chilled. Not that stressful. They did not give much expressions so cannot say what they were really thinking.It was a nice experience meeting them.

P2 : Close the door and sign the sheet...
Me: I obliged, ofcourse

P2: Offered me pen and said sit down(i was standing)
Me:I already had pen!!!

P3:o, Ankit you write from Left Hand?

P2:Nobody forced you to change it?
Me:Yes...blah blah

P2:Some more question on above point then....suddenly what are the special qualities of left hander and what r the advantages of being LeftHander?
Me: Said about Nadal....(but now realise could have done wonders in this answer!!!!)

Now P1 comes...

P1:How was your GD?
Me:It was good but i could have summerized better(looked satisfied)

P1:Phew! ankit you have spoken alot in GD? you talked about Indian Embssy....tell me in which country India does'nt has its embssy???

P1:Leave it! you also talked about Individualism v/s collectivism!!!!!
Me: explained.

P1:Some Questions about my company...model its follow

Now comes Question of the day...

P1:Ankit what we have observed in XL is that ppl after two yrs pass out with high paypackage usually of the scales of such transformation comes ??
Me:(I made Such a fool of myself!!!) said about proff ,XL culture and its brand value....well thats correct but should have also spoken about my strength and qualities ( i think this was a blunder...becoz he was giving me time to think and then answer but i just couldnt think that at that moment!!!!!!!!)

Now P3...

P3:-what is happening in MP regarding illegal minning and what action CM has taken?
Me :- told .some cross questioning .(some i could answer some cant!)

P3:- So Ankit...what are the traits of Jabalpuria??
Me :-Properly answered.

P3:-About Hobbies
Me:-Reading ,cricket

P3:-which books??

P3:-Do you enjoy reading such books or just ...?
Me:- no sir ...i enjoy reading .

Advice:- Please please elaborate your answer please....and generally it doesnt happen that they dont question Why HRM? Two ppl before me were grilled alot about why hrm and they came out red faced.So,naturally i was also expecting grilling but mine was shockingly chilled out!....and yes on first thought it looked as if they didnt ask why hrm or XL....but with that 'question of the day' how subtly he asked me...i admire P1 just becoz of that guys always keep ur presence of mind awaken!

Verdict: GD was awsome PI was ok.....hoping to get atleast waitlisted(

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XAT:- %le 99.70
XIMB waitlist:-297(ND)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Converted gim goa!!!!!!!!
XAT %le 99.68
12th 77.5
10th 83.80
In dilemma whether to join or not....

I have got my gdpi date as 8 april(Board ) 9 am slot

Can somebody recollect until when (i mean which till month) they asked for work experience ???
isnt it till march 2012???
Please reply ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Seniors help in this regard