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I believe 720 is a good score to get you a call for PGSEM (although I personally went thru the CAT route).
The only reason you may still want to try and prepare for CAT is bcos that may help u getting calls from full time MBAs as well. However, if u have zeroed in on PGSEM, I think you can relax :)

The work-ex cutoff date will be nearer to ur finishing 3 years.

- Ankit

temp_temp Says
Best of luck for WL candidates.

hey folks,

not sure if there is a WL - however if there is one, WL1 can start :drinking:- I am through but not joining.

hey guys,
probably a lil late in posting. was busy :cheers::cheers::cheers:

my lone call and thankfully i converted

so all set to meet u there

- Ankit

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Called up L. They said result will be out today - told me to check their website after 3 or 4 pm. Then I asked, "Sir, its sure that the results will come today na..", the person on the other side said "Lets hope so" :neutral:

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IIMB has posted the following on its site (link: Indian Institute of Management Bangalore)

PGP Admissions 2008
The PGP admission offers, scheduled to be announced on April 11, 2008 has been postponed. The new date will be notified shortly.

so a delay is confirmed now :unhappy:

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SC has upheld the 27% reservation for OBC's and given a go ahead to the government, any ideas will it effect number of seats for general this year or does it come into effect this year.....IIM's have their results prepared(since they are cming out tommorrow with them, so have they prepared two different lists or wat?? any idea puys

As far as I know, these reservations would be implemented by increasing the number of seats in order to ensure that the intake for the General category remains the same.

Here's my view on your queries (disclaimer: its jst mypersonal view )

I am having about roughly 8.5 years of experience in IT, out of which I have more than 4 years experience working for Oracle India.
I intend to do an MBA in IIMB.
The following are my scores in my academics:
X standard :75%
XII Standard :78%
BE Electronics Engg. : 68% on aggregate.
Do I stand a chance to get into PGP or PGSEM in IIMB with the above academic record?

For a PGP admit, past academic record is increasingly becoming important in all IIMs. However, if you crack CAT (99.x, towards the higher side), there is a realistic chance. Though, with regards to PGP, I know of people who did not get a call from B even at 99.6+ cos of either academic record, or work ex etc. That said, I believe your work-ex is a major advantage (you would get the maximum points for work-ex, at least for the intervie call). It would also add a lot of weight to your profile. So, all in all, give CAT your best shot - there is a realistic chance for B.

Also since my mother fell ill, I had to quit oracle and get her treated and hence am currently out of job for the past one year.Is it compulsory that we be on a job to join PGSEM?

I think, for PGSEM, you have an gr8 profile. Your work-ex would make you a very good candidate for PGSEM. As far as being out of work for some time is concerned, that shouldn't be an issue. I know a friend who wasn't working when she applied for the PGSEM course (this year's intake). She started working subsequently, however at the time of the application she was not - she discussed this with the admission committe and they said its not a problem.

Hope it helps.
I had my interview in Chennai today.
Overall, the interview went well, but based on the questions asked and the duration of the interview, onedoes make one wonder what their selection criteria would be.

Hey, I tink ur interview was good. I am not aware of the typical length of a PGSEM interview, however 20 - 25 mins sounds like a decent amount of time to judge a candidate. Also, the Professors at IIMs have amazing experience, they judge a candidate in 10 - 15 mins for a PGP, so I tink 25 mins is a good enough time for them :)

All the best to you!
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So Today we had the alumni interview. It was more an informal discussion. They gave brief of the course and were open for questions. They did ask why MBA/PGSEM, and how it will help you. beyond that nothing specific.

Did u carry certificates etc? The interview mail does not state any such requirement, nor does reading ur post gives me such a feeling, but just want to confirm.

also, was there a dress code? as in, did u wear formals for today's interview?
hi guys,
whats the total number of seats in PGP this year?
there were talks of their increasing the seats for this year...

The total number of seats have been increased to 330 (from 240 last year). Here is the TOI article stating the same (it also talks about the fee increment ).