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kunal1991goyal Says
Heyy....was there some kind of condition in 14th nov 3:15 pm we have to do all questions of a RC or a DI set otherwise they would not be considered?????

Why do u think so??? Pretty weird rumor though!
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Took the test at Everonn, Chennai. 3:15 pm slot.

After reading 100's of reviews of ppl attempting 27/25 in other slots/days, there is definitely a reason to worry in my case.

All i could do is 15 in sec1 and 21 in sec2.(accuracy 90%)
Overall Analysis:
Few questions were weird. Few simple. Few very tough..
I hate the word "sitters" but then , there were 3-4 easy to solve questions today.

The so called obscure topics had their presence magnified(at least in my paper)
Although i had learnt these topics, few questions were time consuming and tough to apprehend..Result being, time was running and fast!!.. Managed only 15.

LR was little on the easier side, but if you get ur assumptions wrong, 9 marks are lost. so be careful puys..
DI was all about percentages(what else do u expect here )and more calculations. Wonder if they expected us to solve them.. many cases.. all the more difficult.

VA.. was tricky and ambiguous.. Passages long and inferential(same story as written in other reviews)

1 year of preparation.. to sad to see it end this way

No idea if IIMS would normalize it to the level the paper was set and that how much justice would be done, considering other slots had "cakewalks" and "sitters"!!(Pardon my English, i m in no mood to correct it..!)

Have Fun!

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Date : 11.11.11 Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra

feels nice to post after reading so many posts.... :-)

attempts :
QADI : 25-26
VALR : 27

Last mock scores : 99+ in last 4 SimCATs

Test was smooth, no glitches

Surprise was ease of DI and LR

QA : out of 20, about 10 sitters, i mean breeze through each of these in less than 45s so that u can save time for the rest. Out of some of the rest, there are ones that require significant calculations, like more than 4-5 mins, but dont panic, if u think u aint getting it, mark and go ahead, come back later, i did that for two lengthy questions, got them right in the end.

DI : i laughed silently at the ease of one set, second set was almost as easy, third set had some minimal calculation, but still easy.

LR : cakewalk, catwalk, walk in the park, etc etc......again, i silently laughed at ease of two sets, i got the entire arrangement in 5 mins of work and then marked 3 answers in 10 seconds, in each of these two sets, third set had some work on individual questions but still easy

VA : Grammar questions slightly tough, others moderate, i wont say easy because i did not find them easy

RC : :shocked:one RC shot me in the head, left it...
another RC shot me in the liver, left it too.....
third RC was readable, questions were did it....

okay so...thats it...
any more tips : puys (guys) dont get distracted by hot girls sitting next to you....
girls, plz dont look too hot, it distracts the puys....

Bhai if u left two RCs, did they have only 3 questions between them??(Just some DI practice before c'day)
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bhai mujhe aisa aa raha hai dekho,
16/12 = (16-r)/r==> r = 48/7

bhai got it, r = 6 and volume ka formula is 4/3*pi*r*r*r

r=48/7 and then r=6? Can u please explain?
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A Few pointers to the CAT takers for the next few days :

Level of QA has been a notch lower, so instead os solving those AIMCATS please concentrate on the BSM/BRM's - Basic Reference Materials. Please try and cover all topics . Learn all formulae

RC/VA is tricky always- i wouldnt call it tough cos it all depends on how take reading. Please try to attempt only those which your confident.Also please focus on accuracy rather than attempts. You dont have attempt 30 on 30.. 15 correct ones will get you a call, trust me - the point is we get 15 correct and 15 wrong:nono:..

LR/DI - Please practise a few sets in those revision days. The earlier slots might have had a cakewalk, but again CAT is unpredictable. Your slot might have tough sets, may be on cubes

And of course at the end of it all, please be confident that its your first and last attempt. You have been studying for a year and its foolishness to quit now.

Mods: Please delete the post if its unnecessary here..

All the best to all puys taking up CAT..

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the general approach is to express the given summation in such a form that the variables are interchangeable.

2) 3x/2.3x/2.5y/3.5y/3.5y/3=(x^2.y^3)*5^3/(3.2^2)=3^5.5^5

Now put them as equal: 3x/2=15, x=10
5y/3=15, y=9


Vikas Bhai.. Apne bahut pehele solve kiya ye sum.. I have doubt in it..

How do we get 3x/2 , 5y/3 ?
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Hello puys...

A cube of edge 12 cm is cut into 64 equal cubes. All the cubes are now arranged on a table such that one face of each cube touches the table. The resulting figure is a solid cuboid whose length and breadth are in the ratio 4 : 1 respectively. What is the total surface area of the table occupied by the cuboid?

1.144 cm2 2.288 cm2 3.576 cm2 4.None of these

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A good one :

There is an alloy (A) of silver and copper. A certain weight of this alloy is mixed with 15 kg of pure silver and melted. The new alloy (B) contains 90% of silver. If the alloy (A) is mixed with 10kg of a 90% silver alloy, the new alloy (C) is found to contain 84% silver. Find the percentage of silver in (A).


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Another one :

A milkman has 20L of milk. he mixes 5L of water which is freely available, in 20L of pure milk.. If the cost of pure milk is 18/L then the profit of the milkman when he sells the mixture @ CP?


Puys, i understand he sells 25L totally and the 5L @ CP gives him Rs.90 profit.. So while calculating profit percentage we use (profit/cp)*100 which gives me 500%:banghead:.. i know this is wrong,, whats the correct approach?

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OA is 3500

Bhayya,Radha1,Enceladus :thumbsup:

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