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GMAT 550 AWA 6.0

4.5 Years work Exp SunGard - Financial Services Software.

Decent work ex and recos from US bosses as well.

What is the probability ?


can anyone Share IMT interview experiences on this thread...

I guess some of you have already attended PI

1. Name and profession: Ankit Makoday, BE ( Comp ) 2007 , Analyst - SunGard Technology Services Pune

2. Place of residence in Pune : Sangamwadi

3. Past mock scores link:

Time Mock 1114 - 52%

4. Past performance in exams

CAT 2008 : 79%ile

Skip IMS for sure.

Will surely drop in

thanks bro.. if you know anyone offering exclusive coaching for maths in pune lemme know

TG ??

Do you know if there is any coaching class exclusively for CAT maths ?

Rajesh, Very insightful thoughts indeed.

Lets hope we can catch up when the Pune CAT study group meets up

How is bakliwal tutorials in Pune , is it good ?

Also, Which test series is better IMS or TIME.

CAT -08 78 %

CAT - 09 Onsite

CAT - 10 - Aiming for the IIM's