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soumyakant47 Says
Well I did not fill in any essay for scholarship my GMAT score was not exceptional either nor were my undergrad marks.. Although I do acknowledge my professional experience is quite good...Maybe that justifies the 15 lakh scholarship to compensate for a MOHALI admit.. I spoke to a lot of people about this situation.. The star faculty from the whartons, kelloggs which started off in Hyderabad will be all there at Mohali.. Mohali campus is apparently extremely awesome as well.,. The curriculum is same.. and for recruitment the student will have anonymity in campus while interviewing with the firms .. Yes everyone has equal access to the jobs with no mention of campus and you could be asked to fly between campuses if shortlisted for a job..So level playing ground.. additionally since it has fewer people the bonding is expected to be stronger.. The mix in terms of talent, diversity , gender is the same across both campuses.. So ALL good that way.. MY primary problem and that is a HUGE problem is that the external recruiters who one approaches through personal network will automatically assume the "Mohali because he didnt make it to HYD" situation... and Mohali will receive that treatment even if the notion is artificial.... The situation might change after 5-6 years but as of now the syndrome will remain UNFORTUNATELY...

Thanks for sharing these information...can you please tell source for the info you told regarding placements? Thanks!
I am finding it really difficult to put across my resignation. 4.5 years in my company - good reputation and good work. I am going to discuss today with my manager about the same not sure how it is going to turn out.

What about others? How was your experience of resignation!!

not informed till now.....making my heart strong about joining ISB Mohali you i am workin for 4.5 years in my company - good reputation and gud work....will be a hard medicine to take.....but as some wise man told all good things comes to end! will be informin 2morrow !
soumyakant47 Says
Got an admit.. ISB Mohali campus.. but disappointed.. I am not sure if the brand and the experience and the recognition is the same.. I need them to be more transparent on this.. and being a guy from financial services I am surprised why they allocated Mohali to me.. They gave me 15 lakh scholarship though!!

Congrats to all the fellow admits!! and best of luck to all rejs / wl junta!!

I also got admit in ISB mohali 10 lakhs scholarship!!

ISB brand will be the same across campus..... I was looking at the faculty assigned to the two campuses. Looks like faculty from Kellogg and Wharton will be teaching core courses mostly at the Mohali campus. I'm pretty excited about that!

Any other thoughts on the Mohali campus?
gauri.singh19 Says
Guys, The interesting thing about campus allocation is the language used in the email.. The Campus, when you start your programme will be "Hyderabad". So does this mean you might end up graduating on the other campus?

dats wat i understand from the statements! But I feel this may be a carrot situation cannot be sure!

anybody visited Mohali campus..pls share!

Hey Guys! got in ISB Mohali! wats ur take on Mohali campus? Thanks

Hi, Anybody from Visakhapatnam for Level 1 june 2010, interested in studying 2gether. I've just startd my prep...plan to finish course by mid of next month.... Thanks Ankit

Hey Guys

Please help me in making a choice from following options:

1) Vlerick MBA R2 (Belgium)
2) Mannheim MBA R2 (Germany)
3) ESADE MBA R3 (Spain)

My Profile:

Education : Bechlor of Technology - IIT Bombay
Course title : Chemical Engineer
Grade/Result : 8.01 out of 10

Total score: 660
Verbal score : 29
Quantitative score: 50
Analytical writing score: 5.5

Result : 107 out of 120

My work experience
*Number of years relevant work experience: 2 Years 9 Months (as on Jan,10)
Nationality: Indian

What do you people think about the schools and what are my chances of making into them?


I have a reply from Oxford (Said) in regards to TOEFL, which is as follows:

In answer to your query, unfortunately there is no relaxation in regards to the minimum TOEFL score requirements. Your application would not be rejected but held over until the minimum score was met or exceeded. Please note that we do not hold over applications for consideration the following academic year, so if you apply for stage 2 (for example) and achieved the minimum score by stage 3, your application will be considered during that stage. If the score is achieved any time after stage 3 your application would be withdrawn from the system and a fresh application would need to be submitted for consideration for the following years programme.


I have a query from the fellow applicants. I have recently started my application for SAID. I completely understand that it is really very late now.. I wanted to know by when should the GMAt and TOEFL scores reach SAId. If I apply for a waiver of TOEFL along with application. and if my request is declined then will they give me some time to appear for it or will it be rejected upfront because of Toefl.. any comments are appreciable.

the admission committee seems to be off until Jan 4 for christmas break..

Guyzzzzzz.......this time CAT has no instruction regarding showing competencies in all the three section......

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1) How many attempts you have made?
VA-19 (my weakest section )



2) Your last mock score? If you are there at the
(Mock Scores Repository 2009!)(Mock Scores Repository 2009!)Mock Scores Repository, please provide the link here.

CAT 2008: 97.8 Percentile

3) How was your experience of the test?

Fairly decent experience w/o any hicups.

4) What was the surprise element for you?

QA was tougher en expected...

One more thin..this time CAT has no instruction regarding showing competencies in all the three section......


5) Any tips to handle the computer based exam better?

Follow instruction..

6) Your overall analysis of the exam. Toughness, sections etc.

QA- moderate to hard.
DI-very easy.. usually encountered in CAT.
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