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Hey ppl, What would you recommend ?? Focussing on an ongoing career in SAP or leaving the job and completing MBA from top 20 management colleges of India ?
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go for SAP get exposure and in future you can do MBA in operation/SCM to take your career to next level in Supply chain field

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There are five people. One of them shot and killed one of the other five. Which man is the murderer?1. Dan ran in the NY City marathon yesterday with one of the innocent men.2. Mike considered being a farmer before he moved to the city. 3. Jeff is a topnotch computer consultant and wants to install Ben's new computer next week.4. The murderer had his leg amputated last month.5. Ben met Jack for the first time six months ago.6. Jack has been in seclusion since the crime.7. Dan used to drink heavily.8. Ben and Jeff built their last computers together.9. The murderer is Jack's brother. They grew up together in Seattle.

Ans. Jeff is the Killer
Approach:- 5 persons- Dan,Mike,Jeff,Ben,Jack
Now Dan can't be murderer since he ran marathon and given murderer had his leg amputated
Murderer is Jack's Brother so persons left Mike,Jeff,Ben
Given Mike being farmer before he moved to the city but Jack's brother aka murderer grew up in seattle So Mike is also not Murderer
This gives Jeff and Ben getting a clue from 5th Ben met jack first time 6 months ago
So clearly jeff and Jack are brothers and Jeff Killer :D
Set 151

1)A. Behaviorists shared the view that the subject matter of psychology should be operationalized with standardized procedures which led psychology to focus on behaviour, not the mind or consciousness.
B.Partly in reaction to the subjective and introspective nature of Freudian psychodynamics, and its focus on the recollection of childhood experiences, during the early decades of the 20th century, behaviorism gained popularity as a guiding psychological theory.
C.Founded by John Watson and embraced and extended by Edward Thorndike, Clark L. Hull, Edward Tolman, and later B.F. Skinner, behaviorism was grounded in studies of animal behavior.
D.In "Psychology as the Behaviorist Views It" Watson argued that psychology "is a purely objective experimental branch of natural science," that "introspection forms no essential part of its methods", and that "the behaviorist recognizes no dividing line between man and brute."
E. They doubted the validity of introspection for studying internal mental states such as feelings, sensations, beliefs, desires, and other unobservables.


2) A. The first literary evidence of the existence of Carte da trionfi is a written statement in the court records in Ferrara, in 1442.
B. All evidence indicates that the first tarot decks were created between 1410 and 1430 in either Milan, Ferrara, or Bologna, in northern Italy, when additional trump cards with allegorical illustrations were added to the more common four-suit decks that already existed.
C. These designs rapidly evolved into the basic 'Latin' suits of Swords, Staves, Cups and Coins (also known as disks, and pentacles), which are still used in traditional Italian and Spanish decks.
D. Playing cards first entered Europe in the late 14th century, with the Mamelukes of Egypt, with suits of Scimitars, Polo Sticks, Cups and Coins.
E. These new decks were originally called carte da trionfi, or "triumph cards."


3) A. Other major sub-schools of Vedanta are Dvaita and Visishtdvaita.
B. The key source texts for all schools of Vedanta are the Prasthanatrayi- the canonical texts consisting of the Upanishads, the Bhagavad Gita and the Brahma Sutras.
C. Advaita, literally non-duality, is often called a monistic system of thought.
D. The word Advaita essentially refers to the identity of the Self (Atman) and the whole (Brahman).
E. Advaita Vedanta is a sub-school of the Vedanta, which means end or goal of the Vedas, school of Hindu philosophy.


:nono: Plz don't post same set again nd again nd Welcome to Pg :)

Now coming to ques. in ur set..I must say this 1 is weird set may be thats why nobody attempted.

Ans. 1. BCDAE
3. Clearly Opening statement is D so all other options are ruled out and also there is a link between EA so for this ques. none of the option is Correct :shocked:

btw What are OAs
Set# 86 :

Fifty percent of the articles in a certain magazine are written by staff members. Sixty percent of the articles are on current affairs. If 75 percent of the articles on current affairs are written by staff members with more than 5 years experience of journalism, how many of the articles on current affairs are written by staff members with more than 5 years experience?
1. 20 articles are written by staff members.
2. Of the articles on topics other than current affairs, 50 percent are by staff members with less than 5 years experience.
A. statement 1 alone is sufficient, but statement 2 alone is not sufficient to answer the question
B. statement 2 alone is sufficient, but statement 1 alone is not sufficient to answer the question
C. both statements taken together are sufficient to answer the question, but neither statement alone is sufficient
D. each statement alone is sufficient
E. statements 1 and 2 together are not sufficient, and additional data is needed to answer the question

Ans. A
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SET 172 [ 1 minute set ;)]

Q For each of the words below, a contextual usage is provided. Pick the
word from the alternatives given that is most inappropriate in the given context.

1. Specious: A specious argument is not simply a false one but one that has the ring of truth.
a. Deceitful b. Fallacious c. Credible d. Deceptive

2. Obviate: The new mass transit system may obviate the need for the use of personal cars.
a. Prevent b. Forestall c. Preclude d. Bolster

3. Disuse: Some words fall into disuse as technology makes objects obsolete.
a. Prevalent b. Discarded c. Obliterated d. Unfashionable

4. Parsimonious: The evidence was constructed from very parsimonious scraps of information.
a. Frugal b. Penurious c. Thrifty d. Altruistic

5. Facetious: When I suggested that war is a method of controlling population, my father remarked
that I was being facetious.
a. Jovian b. Jovial c. Jocular d. Joking


1. c
2. d
3. a
4. d
5. a
Set# 167:
1. ____ by nature, Jones spoke very little even to his own family members.
A. garrulous
B. equivocal
C. taciturn
D. arrogant
E. gregarious
2. Biological clocks are of such ____ adaptive value to living organisms, that we would expect most organisms to ____ them.
A. clear - avoid
B. meager - evolve
C. significant - eschew
D. obvious - possess
E. ambivalent - develop
3. The peasants were the least ____ of all people, bound by tradition and ____ by superstitions.
A. free - fettered
B. enfranchised - rejected
C. enthralled - tied
D. pinioned - limited
E. conventional - encumbered

1. C
2. D
3. A

SET 157
1. It goes without saying that the vast majority of sporty kids werent bullies at all but like a _______________blaming anyone vaguely brown for the actions of 19 people on 9/11, I developed my __________ long ago and still enjoy feeling it fester.

a bigot, prejudice
b chauvinist, belief
c fanatic, conviction
d philistine, aversion

2. According to this thesis, Amundsen approached the hardships ________, applying practical lessons from his experience with Eskimos in the north and relying on well-trained dogs to pull sledges. Scott, by contrast, took a more _______view of exploration, in which hardships simply were to be endured as a test of heroism.

a rationally, impractical
b shrewdly, fanciful
c pragmatically, nave
d realistically, romantic

1. a coz bigot means one who treats members of group(ethnic group) with hatred.

2. d

1. Youth Festival 2011 will be organised in- Udaipur
2. India is exploring Shale gas reserves with USA.
3. The Goods and Service (GST) proposed to be introduced in 2011 is likely to cover- Excise, Service, VAT tax
4. The name of mascot for 34th National Games 2011 recently held in Jharkhand is- Chhaua
5. Recently CeBIT 2011, the biggest tradeshow for digital industry was held in - Hanover
6. Which company is set to launch Microsoft Mango phone in October 2011?
Ans. Samsung
7. Who won the Singapore GP 2011?
Ans. Sebastian Vittal
8. Which company has produced the first glasses-free 3-D TV?
Ans. Toshiba
9. Name the company which divided its business into operating and network division recently.
Ans Maxis owned aircel

Lage raho CATions :)

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Business GK

1. Which of the following is not a hedge fund ?
a. Mangellan b. Highbridge
c. Gartner d. Blackstone
Ans. c

2. Which city is Europes main bullion market?
Ans. Zurich

3. Preferred Provider Network (PPN) is a term used in which of the following businesses ?
a. Commodities trading b. Retailing
c.Health Insurance d. Foreign trade
Ans. c

4. Which magazine is called The Womans Bible?
Ans Cosmopolitan

5. What is the full form of iPod?
Ans. Portable digital radio

6. How many Indian Companies find place in Global 2000 list of 2011 released by Forbes?
Ans. 57

7. The proposed date of crossing world population 7 billion level as shown in UNDP's report isŤ∂≥
Ans. October 31,2011

8. In Forbes list 'Global 2000' which of the following Indian Company got the highest ranking?
a. State Bank of India b. ONGC
c. ICICI Bank d. Reliance Industries Ltd.
Ans. d.

9. Modi Tyre Co. Ltd. has been acquired by Continental Tyre Co. of - Germany

10. Pulp maker company 'Domsjo Fabriker' of Sweden has been acquired by- Aditya Birla Group

Important M&A; and latest happenings (business GK)
1. Dr Reddy's completes 10 years on NYSE.
Garware Motors to introduce Hyosung bikes in India.
Aditya Birla Chemicals buys Kanoria Chemicals unit.
Aditya Birla Group acquires Domsjo Fabriker(deal about Rs. 1,500 crore)
Akshay Kumar to endorse Eveready batteries.