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had my gd-pi on 17th july for MBA-HR (noida campus). my MAT score is 95.86 and i had a very good gp-pi session. still could crack it god knows what went wrong and what do they actually look for :0 even i've 2yrs of work ex also!!


Thanks a lot mate. it really helps. Jus keepn my fingers crossed:)

hi friends,

does anyone know when xiss is gonna declare the gdpi results? No notification in their website yet. if anybody has any info...pls let me know.



Can anyone put a little light on the placement scenario of xiss, ranchi..???

Not able to get the last years' placement data from anywhere!! even in their website they dont put the actual figures:-( wondering if the placement scene is pretty bad there, that the data is not even worth putting in the website

help me guys...i gotta decide on this college!!!


i mean...its weird how can they simply call everyone...thn wht was the need for the test:shocked: I was feeling pretty good after seeing my result (though no score/percentile) yo ho!!! made it:clap: but now feeling damn disgusted as I am jus a random one

Mine is 24th...micro grp 2...anyone??

Apurv Pandit @Apurv
According to a report in The Telegraph, Calcutta, the Directors of IIMs are considering scrapping this year's online CAT and save face with a paper-based retest. The story built on an anonymous IIM Director's versi

A RETEST is definitely needed to fix the whole chaosand its not about only those students who couldnt write the test or those who had to end it abruptlythe chunk who are done with test successfully are also under the cloud of worry!! As they said the system is virus infectedwhats the guarantee that the submitted test data wont get corrupt and we wont get some random marks as our result on 22nd...??? The credibility of this test is a big ZEROso the selection process cant go in a smooth way too