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Hi, does anyone know what is the date of joining foundation course? I know it was 10th June earlier but lately heard someone saying that it is now 13th June. Please clarify so that I can modify my travel plans.

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aksehgal Says
hey, wat is the expected cat cutoff ??

i hv the same query...n wat re the chances at cat 79 percentile ?
same here guys. congrats to all of you for the call. btw any idea how are we supposed to go to the campus. It is such an isolated place.

P.S. register yourself in PG connect...:thumbsup:

as mentioned in the mail we can take the bus provided by the college frm SB road campus bt im unsure abt d timings fr the interview is at 10am and d reporting time is 8 am so i assume the reporting tym 8 am is fr the SB road campus to catch the bus for its abt 40 mins or more drive to the lavale campus..! and apart frm dis if you gt ny info fr sme..plz inform us as well!

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Feb 7, 8 AM :

1XO1 :cheerio:

Any puy with me? :lookround:

hey meee too frm d same slot...d interview tym mentioned is 10 am! bt im unsure of reporting tym as 8 am as in reporting to the SB road campus or SIMC lavale campus? u gt ny clue???
Hi , I am Neine from Meerut (U.P) . I have done BBA from Banasthali University and have 15 months of experience in an NGO . I am a hard core independent thinker and strongly believe that advertising would be right field for me because of my creating bent of mind . I aim of being an social entrepreneur and a major problem i can notice in this field is that it lacks people who can spread awareness about the projects they are working at . I want to become their voice .
Getting Shortlisted for SIMC is like an extreme pleasure but there is still half race left to be won . So come on puys lets fasten our belts and race to win ...:cheerio: All the best ..
We can start by some popular questions like .
Why Simc ??

i totally agree with neine...lets start some discussion abt the GE PI process !

nyone frm 7th feb 8 am slot???? and does nyone has a clue at wat time we have to be at the Symbiosis Vishwabhawan campus to catch the bus to reach the lavale campus at 8??

mi snap score 80.35 i gt a call fr mba nyone frm 7th feb 8 am slot????

ankycool Says
wat would be the possible cutoff for pgdm dual country program?

i hv the same query and in addition to dis i also want to knw dt since i hd applied to only imt g bt aftr d result i intent to apply to dual country program and when i called the admission office fr the same they just asked me to mail them to consider my application fr the dubai program bt i hv nt recieved any acknowledgment yet...! can nyone tellme hw have they applied for d dual program..?? :lookround:
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in the cv column are we suppose to write the activities and achievements in the field of advertising or related...but i m a fresher and i have no extra curriculars, achievements or activities fr the same! what to do :oops

hi seniors, i have no clue as to what to write in the reference column in d additional informations in the simc a graduate from DU bt nt in contact with any of my professors...can i mention my relatives who are professionals as well and working as managers..:lookround: