Hi, I have joined TIME test series but side by side I want to give CL Procs. Will that be possible for anyone of u to provide me  CL Proc papers?

Ankit Verma
Final semester of BTech.
1.Institute joined if any and from which State u r- Joined TIME in 2011. This year i'm on my own.
2.When did u start prepration- Still in shock with CAT 2011's result. Will start from 14-15 Jan 2012 for sure after planning out things.
3.Books u have or plan to buy- I have arun sharma for quant, RS agg for verbal, time material and few online stuff
4.Number of Hours a day u give to CAT preparation- 4 Hrs a day.
5.Weak section/Strong section.- Weak sec is verbal....LR is strong and quant is moderate.
6.Institutes u wish to apply to- Top 15 B-schools

Cat 2011 was a big mess for me. If its possible, can anyone from pagalguy team help me figure out strategy for next 10 months... especially verbal section. I cant expalin why but its like a do or die situtation for me to get through CAT 12.
Hello Everyone,
I need your help... I have OBC certificate of non creamy layer which was issued to me on 28/10/2005.
I am confused that should i fell IIFT form under OBC or general category. Is this OBC certificate still valid??
Please reply
Hello everyone,
I know AFCAT has nothing to do with MBA but i'm not able find out info about this.
I apologize if i have posted this thread under wrong Main thread.
I will be highly grateful if anyone can arrange for at least pattern or Previous year paper of AFCAT.

Lajwanti D'Souza @laj
[image] Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Calcutta's Prof Janakiraman Moorthy, who is the Convenor for the Common Admissions Test (CAT) 2011 speaks about this year's exam. *Will there be changes in the CAT this year? * Yes, but few. The CAT 2011 will have only two secti...
Ankit Verma @ankit_2010
Is reviewing questions per section within 70 mins time allowed??? And what about cutoffs??
prozium Says
email posting is against the rules and regulations of pg.

Ohh... i have no idea... i apologies... I am new here.

Send me links please.
Congratulations to everyone who made it to IIFT... :)

Can anyone please send me the link of previous years ( 10 yrs if possible ) IIFT papers.

It will be nice if you could suggest me something regarding preparation for GK section.

hello ankit
lets 1 st analyse d va section
usually there are 9 rc qstsns
3 parajumbles
3 paracompletions
2-3 vocab based qstn
3-2 sentence correction

lets take dem 1 by 1
parajumbles and para completions
1st solve d basic lot,all of dem,never solve more den 5 qtsns at a time,right now dont consider d time frame,d target is 2 get more right
so using the knowledge u got abt how 2 solve pjs n pcs from TIME classes solve dem,1st u will get 4 wrong out of 5,see what went wrong,analyse,see d solutions,n keep in mind d mistakes u do,over a period of time u will reduce it to 1- 2 wrong out of 5,now try reducing the time slowly
then go n practice d practice exercises in lot 2
and then the threads on pjs on pagalguy

there are not many exercises on paracompletions in time material so u can straight away start from pagalguy

u can not afford 2 ignore dis section
read a lot,newspapers,magazines,novels watever u can lay ur hand on
nxt do wat i said in pjs,never solve more den 2-3rcs at a time,n keep practicing

if ur good enough in pjs,pcs n rcs that good enough

next do d same for sentence correction as well

for vocabs ppl might have told u different strategies,choose whichever u like
d idea is if u know d words u can solve it else not,so try increasing the words u know

also solve d mocks once again at home,there u get cat standard qstns,n hence u should be very comfortable with them

now abt strategy 2 attempt the mock
sandwich va among ur strongest sections
ie 1st solve ur strongest,den va,n den ur 2nd strongest
initially allot 45 min 2 each section,n later towards the end whichever u feel is still not upto the mark alot it a lil more time

hope this helps
n plz dont open new threads for individual queries

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Thanks a lot... I will follow this for VA.
One more thing... Just 3 months left... do you think it is possible to bell cat ??
you shouldnt have opened a new thread.... There are so many threads regarding the same

which talk about

trying different strategies
playing on your strengths
anslysing mocks with each and every question attempted or not attempted, correct or incorrect
better time management
trying different mocks, not just aimcat but proc mock simcat, every coaching inst papers have different viewpoints and differnet style which help to adjust ....

Hope that helps.....

Read the mock threads to get an insight from top perfromers

I am sorry for opening a new thread... i am new here... can please tell what do you mean by mock threads??
I am Ankit

1.Joined TIME nd im from Delhi

2.Started preparation from Jan 2011

3.Time Material

4.I study for 4-8 hr/day

5.Weak section is Verbal and moderate section is quant.

6.The top 20 B-Schools.