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The difference between reserve list and 1st list cut-offs is 0.6 marks this year (PO-3) but last year (PO-2) the cut-off dropped by 1.56 marks in second list with roughly 5800 vacancies.

This year, approximately 15-20% vacancies have been left unfilled (Rejection by banks + Left out candidates) in the joining process till now and now that banks like BOI and BOB have made public their intention to hire more people in current fiscal year, is there any possibility that people who are  beyond reserve list may get lucky..?

  • Hi @raman.preet_, @ankit91990 \-- if we study the PO-MT-I.... 15 Jul '14.
  • @purushottam7891 of course bro...every single candidate .... 16 Jul '14.
Purushottam Tripathi @purushottam7891 19

Hi @raman.preet_, @ankit91990 -- if we study the PO-MT-II 2nd, 3rd and 4th round allottment notifications, almost 3,000 General Category vacancies were there. But this time, only about 1000(10% of approx 10,000 vacancies in the Category) General Candiates have been kept in the reserve list. Is the IBPS damn sure that all the vacancies will be filled with candidates having marks 41.6 and above? I mean, they have even declared the candidates with marks<41.6 as ineligible for allotment process.....

Your view on the situation....................................

[And for the record, my marks are 41.8 and I am also eagerly waiting for the 2nd list to come..... ]

Rajesh Ranjan @mantrapatna 83

@purushottam7891  of course bro...every single candidate in reserve list will be absorbed......and out of 1000 already 100 has been placed in now only 900 left.....jst wait for august.....achche din aayenge... :mg:

AmsShah Says
Has any DCP guy got upgradation to main streams??

Not yet..not sure whether upgradation is going to happen or not.....
keep waiting till the course starts....that's the only option left...
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Got an email yesterday stating that I have been provisionally selected to IMI-B and to confirm admission I must deposit the 1st installment (1.44 lac INR) by 7th May.
As the first batch is yet to pass out so talking about placements is of no use... But if someone here can throw some light on the summer internships....the companies where students are doing their internships from.....? Stipend (if) they are getting...? etc..... would be of great aid to me and many others.............

Can someone please provide link to the IMI-B converts thread or FB group for same (if there is one)......? TIA

cooltsr Says
can u give us the number exactly?? i.e, number of ppl in waitlist 1 and 2 for pgdm and IB seperately? wil help many ppl here..

1st waitlist size was somewhat near to 230 +/-10.....and 2nd one was also near 200...
U can refer to the last year's final convert thread for more information...Here is the link to the same:-

Note :- Not the official figures. Gathered this data from last year's thread....
amartyadey Says
What was the waitlist movement like in the last academic year? Any definite number? Please reply asap anyone!

Last year waitlist movement went beyond waitlist....both the initial two waitlists were exhausted and initially rejected candidates were called for admission......
Source of info :- PG (Last year's final converts thread)
Guys i checked d site 2day mor n in what's new section a link for GDPI shortlist was der I checked it now and it is gone...
Deduction: They are doing some changes
Optimistic Deduction: They r making way for d results :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:

Checked the website just now....The GD/Pi shortlist link is no more available...
This implies => We can expect final results soon.......
brocklesnar Says
Never expected this but IIM-A PGDM, and C converted \m/

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Any tentative date for results...?

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i dont know if u really believe this or r just trying to save imt's faaltugiri is faaltugiri... atleast othr collges r givin us our money's worth,
wid imt u dont know wat the criteria is, u dont know when the results will be out, u dont know y they cant let a person staying nearby save 1.5 lakhs, u dont know y after clearly not filling hyde n nagpur, u get calls for them, n y they giv programs like DCP, n lastly y when seniors(or whosoever u r) hav no answers, they elongate words!....

i dont want things to turn ugly, m just frustrated like 100s others here

Hey I am not a brand ambassador or savior of IMT.....I just tried to give my opinion on the Application fee money issue........The issues you are talking about are quite hot this time and believe me these can be only and solely answered by Admission Committee....So we better eat their minds out on this.....

No issues with you....wish u all the luck......:grin:
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