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see, Last year some students got the necessary documents themselves, applied for the loan and filled up the form and then, sent the form back to their homes for signatures by the parents.
This time SBI may not be permitting the same and so, the Branch Manager asking you to get your parents along the same.

Your father/guardian has to assigned as a guarantor for the loan ( at least in the case of freshers ) so, I guess the need for them during the loan process.

Anyways confirm again with the Branch Manager and ask her of the proceudres and the applicable interest rates in case you opt for a education loan from your homecity.


Abey, ye fachche to abhi se itna politically correct hai!!!
Kya hoga inke campus aane ke baad!!!

@ Abhshek,
rooms ki to kami hai OH me, everyone know
Baaki you know, we are very accomodating!!!

Gals ain't going anywhere!!!
We have enough room for them in OH

See, regarding certifications, you would need either a certificate or a letter from the relevant or a higher authority. Generally, if you donot have certos, letters from Department Heads or the College Prinicipal/Dean on the official letter head and with the official seal, would do the needful.
They can also write through their official id to the place reps here in Calcutta but that would only be possible once you reach the campus and the relevant id is communicated to you.

Since there is ample time and to avoid any future complications, I would suggest that you try to get the relevant certi or a letter from the relevant authority.


Given the humidity, coolers are not advisable.
Once you reach the campus, you would yourself realize that fans are more desirable than coolers in Calcutta.


You can approach the branch manager even after a couple of months or after a year for the loan.
In that case, it is your choice if you wanna get your loan approved in the beginning of your session or when you want to avail the loan.

Summers are humid here and it takes a month and a half to get used to the conditions initially. However, the evenings are pleasant.
Installing ACs in one's personal rooms is not allowed due to the limited capacity of the lease electrical lines.

Wireless connections is provided in each of the hostels and in the Acad Block, NTB, Audi etc besides the LAN connections in each hostroomel


I got a convert at IIM C today so , wont be joining IIM K

Was WL 47 at K and was offerred a seat in the new list...

All the best to new WLs and all others for their lives ahead.....

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Just called up the Adm Office...
THey asked my On Hold NUmber
Me 17
and Name Ankit Kejriwal
Category General
and course PGDM

haan ho gaya
We will send you a confirmation email today

Me Any idea as to when wd the emails be sent

Aaj bhej denge aapko....

ABest of luck to others!!!
C u there



Well Probably she was frustrating having saying the same thing over and over to a 100 impatient people calling her, and thus she said this. I think once they have given us priority numbers, they can't really pick the middle 20 or bottom 20. It would be unethical to do so. it has to be the top 20.

i mean anything this year from cal's side....
It is totally unexpected...

Anyways , best of luck to all
May every On Hold And Wl person make it to Joka

Why doesn't IIM Cal come out with any official statement whatsoever?

I mean even when i e mailed to Adm Dept , they just said "After 1st may"
NO dates , leave telling the time aside