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I wanted to know what the specializations are at MICA. What are the options from which we need to choose??

Same thread...previous page...Surf hard before you post puys ...Anyway...All the very Best...Do well :cheerio:
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Thanks MICA for setting up a platform to address our questions ...I called up Team Interface at 10:15 AM today and Karan from (PGP first year) answered..It was a precise conversation and his answers were concise and to the point. Fellow Call-getters...don't miss this opportunity. Call up now...our seniors will be more than happy to help us out.

My question was regarding the specializations offered in the second year in PGDM-C.

4 of them on offer

And u can choose a mix/combo too. Shoot your questions too and post them on the forum so that everybody can read them...
All the best guys

Call Getters from Bhopal (and nearby places)
GLOBETREKKER, a PGP1 student at MICA will be in the city of lakes between 28th and 30th March and is ready to help us in our GE-PI preparations :cheerio:. All those interested, PM me your Email IDs.
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Hi guys,
I am a PGP1 student at MICA. I can help out the call getters from Bhopal and nearby places if they can come down to Bhopal. I will be in the city b/w 28th and 30th march.

I was in your shoes last year, so i know how it feels right now.

and yes, Congratulations!

That's very generous of you..I am from Bhopal too..would love to know more about the subsequent stages...we can co-ordinate and meet up
Hola ppl
@ Above : in terms of the results ... well thts tricky, cant get to the admission office or the micat coordinator to talk bout will let u guys knw in case nything looks likely.

For prep : Well once u get done with ur MICAT screeing (which i hope you guys) the first task at hand will be to fill in the form which will be provided to u...take the form seriously, specially the SOP....The SOP is something i worked on for a week before could pen down those 100 words. Apart from that, try reading as much as u can about the other group exercises frm the other forums, they helped me a lot. Not as in they repeat it, but to get the temperament of the GE and the PI. Practise just the appropriate amount, dont over do it, else u will get casual nd dont underdo it at the same time, else u will feel the pressure....

THe GE is particular, strikes u like a bullet, u get a list called, u never knw wht list u will be in, and the person asks u to move right Now :p, before the feeling sinks in, u r already in the GE and are being evaluated :)

Rest any specific queries, i would be willing to cater to the best of my ability..

All the best guys

Constant anxiety has made reading over, between & under the lines a habit. So my sincere apologies if the question sounds outright stupid. The SOP form in question here would be given to only the call getters right???
Some more word-play questions m'friends Go for em :)

1. Car _ _ _ _ _ builder
2. Candle _ _ _ _ _ Man
3. Lady _ _ _ _ Watcher
4. T _ _ _ _ Maker

ATB ... :)

Candle LIGHT man
Lady BIRD watcher
Little or no idea about the other two
Hey people here are some wordplay questions for you...Go, fiddle with the mindNoodle :)

1. Dare_ _ _ _ _ wood
2. Fairy _ _ _ _ wink
3. wait _ _ _ _ less
4. Fire _ _ _ _ park

Easy ones..Hope you breeze through them! :)
Happy WordPlayin' People :)

1. Devil
2. :banghead:
3. List
4. Ball

MOST frustrating thing ever...the results are out..and i am yet to receive a mail from SNAP...Nothing on the website too..Too much stress

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I spoke to a classmate at my coaching who attended the Coffee with SIBM session conducted by SIBM Pune recently. He told me (& very confidently too) that there would be no sectional cut-offs for SIBM Pune or any other Symbi institute this year. Any official nods on this piece of news?? Seniors, what say???
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I have 2 queries:

1. I made an offline payment of Rs.1250 through ICICI Bank. There were 3 Pay-in slips. The Bank guy only took the Bank copy and returned the Institution and Student copy. Now do I need to speed post the institution copy or just keep it with me???

2. I read in one of the posts about Transaction ID..what is that..I mean I don't have anything but the XAT ID on me as far as GIM application is concerned!!