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Dear All,

I applied to 3 uk universities for full time MBA and got offer from all, namely:


Now, i am totally perplexed which one to choose, Guys please help me in selecting the right one.

Dear All,

I applied to 3 uk universities for full time MBA and got offer from all, namely:


Now, i am totally perplexed which one to choose, Guys please help me in selecting the right one.

Dear X,

Lancaster require 3+ years of experience (preferably managerial).
GMAT is highly favored, exp: 650+

Exceptions are very rare, so think before you choose lancaster.

cheers !

I have a problem. I need u to answer some ques.
in personal interview if they ask me:
Q: y would u want to do mba?
Q: y this particular institute say icfai(y do u want to join icfai)?
What should I answer
Can u tell me some tactics which I could use over there.
Q: what r ur strengths & weakness?(if u were in my place wat would u write)
and wat other ques. u feel to be asked in GD PI
answer as if u were me that way i get an idea as to how should i frame my ans.
I m an a very bad shape coz neither my eng. Is good nor I speak
I m the one who didnt speak a word in gd session coz of nervousness and also coz m bad in spoken English
i m a bcom graduate ve no work ex

Hey man u seemed 2 be given up already well don't do that i am giving u some tips
hope they will help u out ,check it out!!!!!!!!!!!

justify your decision to pursue the MBA programme?

Don't tell the panel that you are looking for a "challenging job in a good firm with lots of money, status and glamour". Instead, you must convey to the interview panel that you have made a rational and informed decision about your career choice and your intended course of higher study. There are broadly four areas which your answer could touch upon :
  1. Career Objectives: You could talk about your career objectives and how the two year MBA programme will help you achieve them.
  2. Value Addition: Value addition will essentially be in two forms knowledge and skills.
  3. Background: This is where you connect your past to your future. If you are an engineer, try and say that the MBA course and your engineering degree will help you do your job better in the company that you will join. You should be able to convincingly justify how your engineering qualification will help.
  4. Opportunities and Rewards: You could also at this stage mention the opportunities that are opening up in organizations for management graduates. At this stage mentioning superior monetary rewards for management graduates may not be a bad idea.
Why do you think you would enjoy your chosen area of study (Eg: Marketing)?

Marketing is key to the success of any organization and the function has always appealed to me, because it requires a combination of creativity, strategic and analytic ability - all qualities that I feel I possess. Through discussions with some of my seniors, I have a pretty good idea of what it's like to work toward taking up a marketing job, and I know I will enjoy the work.

How do you spend your spare time?

I have a good collection of books of different genre and enjoy reading. In addition, I love driving during late evenings or on rainy weekend afternoons. Also, for the last two years I've been volunteering at the local children's hospital on Saturday mornings.

What are your weaknesses?

I used to be somewhat disorganized, but eventually this got me into trouble when I missed an appointment I hadn't written down. It was clear that I had to learn how to be more organized. So, with the help of my senior colleague we worked out a system that I still use today. Not only do I stay on top of things, but I'm more efficient, too.

The first thing you need to do prior to interviewing is assess yourself. This includes listing your strengths and weaknesses, your accomplishments and achievements, reviewing your strong and your weak subjects, and recording some of the key decisions you have made in your life.

You should then review your interests, the disappointments you've encountered, your work environment likes/dislikes, your business and personal values, your goals, needs, restrictions, and life style preferences. It would help if you're ready to practice answering the following potential questions
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