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Hi Animesh,
Is there a difference between PGDM and PGDM -Marketing?
Which is better?

Has anyone with a percentile of 82 converted the call ??

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Please share your details

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I could not complete my essay :(

I could only write 6 to 7 lines!.

How much weightage is given to written test?

Although my GD and PI went pretty well.

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We had a written test (an essay writing test) where in we were given a topic and we had to write 250 words on it. The time allotted was 30 minutes and the topic was " Are Indian villages our strengths or our weakness".

Later on we had a GD , which was basically a case study. it went on for about 20 minutes. There were about 13 ppl in the GD.
I pitched in a lot of points.

I had to wait for almost an hour for my PI.
Panel - 1 lady ( one of the faculty members from amity noida )

P - Tell me about urself
M - Told
P - Why MBA
M - Told
P - Why havent u looked for a job ?
M - Told
P - Asked me a lot of questions related to my extra curicullum activities
M - Told
P - Why Amity noida?..U have calls from other colleges as well
M - Gave her 3 reasons for joining amity
p - Do u read newspaper?
M - no
P - little questions on current affairs
M- answered
P - thank you , u can leave
M - Thank you.

Over all it was a very relaxed and chilled out personal interview. Be confident and relaxed. U should be in a position to answer every question about urself , ur activities etc.

Im in tooo!!!!!

Hi Naman,

No dude , i haven't got my results.
Really confused rite now !

And how do we check the result?.
Do they send us a mail ?
Will they intimate us , if we are selected or not?

i had applied through mat with 92 percentile for MBA general.
How many days do they take to declare the results?

I had my GD/PI on 23rd feb!
When can i expect my results?