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funkysid25 Says
high Quantity of high Quality... i guess then the only way out is to some how stand out.. any suggestions what might help??

well u at least put it in a way that makes a feel good ...well wish i had answer for you right away but than if you do inner search you will realise we all are unike in one way or the other...we might be called from same old IT industry but than kind of challenges we face across the globe are times you might be just doing development but are responsible for whole business..i just started my plan to give GMAt, at this time i dont know why many would say its coz of depression of might be, but never the let others rule you for what you are
hmm.. quite true dear friend...
but i am really really sick now listening to all crap against the experience we people have,,,

u tell me man,,, what is lacking in our experience...

we face deadly deadline
we deal with monster like managers
we are paid peanuts
we still manage
we still get the work done
we dont go on strikes
we compromise, burn midnight oil, get sick to deliver the code
satisfy the client, satisfy the manger, satisfy the hr,,,,
we do technical work which is in no way easy or a child's play

still people look down on us

i believe we undergo a very rich experience ,,,

i think its just about how we project ourselves and our experience.

I might be sounding frustated, but i am really sick hearing bad things about the work we IT people do.

GMAT 770
Fall'09 dejected
Fall'10 hopeful

Quite true buddy and honestly you could not have said it any better...i guess the problem is not in our profile...problem is in so many profiles if u know what i mean...we all face d same hurdles at work and do come out triumpt...but than there are so many of us back here in India and the guy who is left with the job of selecting d candidate for the B school really see all of us with one guy...
entirely my view thou

definitely, 3 months can be enough :)

it all depends upon how much you want and need to score...

then its just up to how much effort you can and want to put in,..

finally its just a matter of getting started on it,.. u will surely find a lot of suggestions on a lot of posts...

GMAT 770
Fall'09 dejected,
Fall'10 hopeful

i guess the word going around is unless u get 700+ u better sit at home and admire others i guess quite true if u r like me ...i mean from the same old IT indus

well i stay in secunderabad, close by to old airport..its hard to conceantrate but as they say if u want something u never had, try like u never did before..

Hey guys...
Not sure where to start have 5+ yrs of exp so its hard now to study but plan to give it a sincere try anyways...can anyone guide me if someone starts from scratch 3 months or so will be enough or not? I want to tgt giving gmat by first week of Aug so i can apply for IIM A PGPX etc...Count me in to start a group in Hyd

Let me introduce myself and all the experts here can guid me in the right direction..i have around 6 YEars of work ex in IT industry.. working for oil and gas domain on vaious positions such as Developer, Business Naalyst, Team Lead etc..Nothing different than any other IT guys i guess.
International Exposure : 1.2 Years in 3 diffeerent assignments , all in US
Plan to take GMAt in couple of Months and see if i can get a good score,
acads : X - 76%
XII - 80
B.E. - IT 76%
Played State Level Football and University Level Cricket ( Hope tp get hold of my old certificates)
so guys do you think its worth applying for IIM wiht avg profile and if yes what is the min GMAT score i should tgt to get into IIM or ISB(Specially IIM) . 6 Yrs is mentioned keeping in mind the time of admission if i am good enough to crack the eligibility .
Hope to hear back

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hey guys this is ankit here working with IT industry for past 5 yrs..planing to take GMAT in next 4-5 months..all help will be highly appreciated..