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To know about whats happening at MIB
follow this link : MIB,Delhi School of Economics | Facebook

hii everyone...

no placement figures on the website...seniors please provide the figures (avg, min, max) fr last year n a brief idea abt this year's placements if possible...

thnx in advance...!

Hey all, Placement Figures for MIB are as follows :

The average package is 7 Lacs

The highest offered was 9 Lacs

The lowest was 4.76 Lacs

all the best for GD-PI!!
megha agar Says
I have sent many emails regarding the change of the gd/pi scheduled date.... bt der ws no reply and when I made a call 2 dse it ws said that a new schedule has been uploaded on the site but i checked it n its d same old 1 :(.......... please help

please explain..whats your date and which date you want?
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Is there any previous year GDPI experience thread by earlier batches ??

Or if you guys can give a brief insight of the PI experience , about what kind of questions are generally asked.


Hey all call getters, following points will help you (i hope:cheerio:) :
P.S. below suggestions/observations are based on last year's GD-PI experience. If there is a change the author is not responsible
1. If you have applied for both courses you will have to attend 2 Gd's and two interviews each.
2. Interviews' questions consist of the usual stuff like about you,why mba and about graduation. However it all depends on the interviewer hence nothing can be predicted as such.

All the best.
See you at the campus then!:
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@hogwartz09 : Since this is the first time we can't predict anything as of now
@raggarwal101 : Like any other govt. college we also don't have a provision of the management quota (or backdoor entry)
@rishikeshpatil : This is the first time admissions are through CAT hence predicting a number is difficult but we anticipate it to be high looking at various aspects (ROI,brand name,faculty etc)

Right now concentrate on CAT and give your best shot !

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Yes guys i am too in .

Any update about accomodation?

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By what time we will have to submit the final marksheets and degree? I am a final year student and will be giving my final exams next week so the results would take another 4-5 months.
Seniors please help.

@seniors.. i have a couple of concerns.. please help
1)I was waitlisted and missed out on registering on 17th..are there any seats left in the OBC category or when will be the next list come out?
2) I am very much interested in the advertising and brand management .Do companies related to these domains come for Summer or final placement? If yes which ones?

Kindly help.

ok guys .... its too hot but lets keep a meet ! whatsay...calling all the jaipur puys !!:

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Hey mayank mohan congrats dude ! i knew u will get thru ... nyways congrats...!

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