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Dear Aspirants,

I know a lot of you would be worried about the placements going on at GIM.
As a student of 2009-11 Batch, I want to tell you that the placement season has been going well. The average, highest and lowest salary have seen remarkable improvement over the last year.

But as you understand, we are not in a position to give out the exact figures at the moment.
Thus I request you all to not ask us intricate details and kindly wait for the placement report which will be published soon.

Hi Seniors,
Though refund policy has been mentioned earlier I need to confirm it since I'm in 3rd waitlist.
I have to pay 6000 rs.,so if I get converted and I reject admission,still 1000rs. will be duducted?
Also,if before I'm offered admission ,I decide to cancel my application,then would any amount be cut from 6000?
Also,what is the approximate date for the next converted list to be declared?
Pls reply..Thanks

if u get admission and then cancel.. 1000rs will be deducted.
but if you cancel while in waitlist.. full 6000 will be refunded.
Hi Seniors,
My name is there in the confirmed list ...

However, I am not sure if I would be able to join the institute ... So I would want to know about the refund policy that GIM follows ...

I am planning to pay the first installment if there is a refund policy available ...

Kindly throw some light as there isnt any mention of the refund policy in the letter that I have received ...!!!

check a few pages back it has already been answered
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debanjandas Says
seniors please reply

don't send any documents now.....
ruchirkhanna Says
they have mentioned in the letter that freshers have to submit their final graduation certificate by 1st day of 2nd term....which is around sept end........the certificate they are talking abt is original degree or provisional will do......???coz i wont be gettin my original degree by then..........

provisional will do
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Hello Ankita Gupta,

I've a small query.

I'm about to send my DD to confirm my seat.

Could you please confirm the below address ?

Admissions Office
Goa Institute of Management
Ribandar, Goa 403006


thats the address
mention your xat id and name on envelope as well on back of DD
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Well..i received my hard copy with my correct name and XAT id also i hav got email too.I have few queries regarding the same :

1)Fees : I know it has been told many times on this thread but looking at the current installment thing i have few doubts which i think others will also be having :
a)1.07 before 1st april : What is the money refunded if a person decides not to join after payment i.e. the decision is taken b/w
16thapril and 4th may.
b) 84k before 5th may : What is the money refunded if a person decides not to join after payment i.e. the decision is taken b/w
4th may and 28th june .Is it both the installments refunded? or with some deduction
c)After 28th june : what is the money refunded after commencement of classes ?

There is no info regarding AICTE refund rule in the hard copy.I mean there is not any statement which says IN CASE THE CANDIDATE DECIDES NOT TO JOIN THEN MONEY WILL BE REFUNDED AS PER AICTE REFUND POLICY.

I know it is painful for seniors but still please clear it last time so that we don't have any doubts.thanks in advance for the same.

2.Loan: There is no mention of loan MoU thing with ANdhra bank or any other(though there is mention of laptop stuff) .Should it be considered that MoU with Andhra is not any more ? Also,those seniors who have taken loan : say i don't get my loan processes and pay above 1.91lakhs and arrange on my own from others.Will these be coming to my account once my loan gets approved from the bank ? or Will it be the remaining fees that I will get from bank ?

Sorry for making you read a long post.Thanks in advance for the answers of the questions asked above.

once you get your loan sanctioned the money will be reimbursed to you.

and GIM follows AICTE rules in refund..
so go through it.
and if you still have confusion.. call and ask..
I got the hard copy today asking for Rs.50,000 before april15th...
Puys, i had a query...
All B-schools asks u to cmplt ur degree formalities by some week of june or july.(GIM asks for 12th june)
But i am pursuin my B.Tech from Kurukshetra univ.
yahan pr xams kaafi late hote h... i.e. mere 8th semester k xams will end by June end or July beginning..
Wat shud i do?
I have a call from S.P.jain also jahan pr session june end me strt ho jaata h... At that time, i'll b havin my final semstr xams.....
Wat will I do incase m selected in ny of d b-schools
I hope that it wont create mch problm in my admissions,....

it wont create much of a problem..
just talk to jenny mam about it.. its perfectly alright...
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Thanks for re-wording my query for me.

I'll state my problem more precisely...
The thing is that I have lot of GD/PIs to go and in high probability, I won't be going to GIM finally. But by 15.04.2010 none of the other institutes will come out with their final lists and I don't wanna end up not doing an MBA this year. So, it's important for me to secure my seat at GIM at least. That's the reason I wanna know when the money will be refunded in case I opt not to join the institute. I can't go on parking 1L in every institute that comes out with its list until MDI (my dream insti) comes out with its list.

Seniors who may have undergone this dilemma, please shed some light.

PS: I'm not treating GIM as a back-up, I really really admire the institute but it's just not my first preference. I hope GIM seniors understand.

all i can reply to you is...
check this post
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ruchirkhanna Says
Can anyone tell me when the second term for GIM starts......I will have to arrange my Graduation certificate acc.....??

september end (it was 28th september for us)
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