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any idea when the IIM-C results are expected?

got in... got the mail

any ge pi experiences from the 3rd april 2012???


i have pdpi on 3rd april n my reporting time is 7.45
they have mentioned somewhere that we should not make other appointments till 8 am on that day as the process might take time.
can u plz tell me if mica has put students in different slots or have they called everyone right in the morning???

what was ur ge/pi like??? what was ur ge topic?

what was ur ge/pi like??? what was ur ge topic?

this is a MICAT 2011 question...

the admit cards are on the official site of mica.

Assuming Hardness of iron to be 100,the relative hardness of different metals as given below:Zinc 18; Aluminum 36; Copper 84; Chromium 170;Platinum 75800
To make an alloy 100 times as hard as copper,how many units of iron needs to be added to platinum?(A)900(6)0.900(C)9.00(D)90.00
An alloy of copper,iron and chromium in of 1:2:3 shall be harder than iron by_a proportion many times?
An alloy of three units of zinc,aluminum and copper each would be equal in hardness to how many times that of iron?
An alloy of aluminum and copper in a proportion of 5:20 would be harder than iron by how many times?
How many units of zinc added to 12 units of chromium would equal the hardness of 120 times of aluminum?

pls help