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Hi, I am interested in knowing the Bschools that I could target with my profile. graduate from NIT Warngal ECE. having 5 + years of IT experience working now as a team leader.

10 th - 90 %

12th - 97%

CGPA- 7.02/10

If I can craack a GMAT score 0f 700 + , what would be ideal schools that would admit me ?

Should I go for Indian or international schools?

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Hi , Could you tell me at what price you are selling it


Iam Anirudh working in Hyderabad and would like to join in this gropu as I inted to appear for GMAT by the end of this year. I am 2007 pass out with 4 years of work experience.

What would the best way to start GMAT Preparations?

Hi I am Anirudh a 2007 pass out from NITW with 4 yeaers of Work experience in IT and aspiring to an MBA by cracking the GMAT . I have made up my decison ,but yet to chalk out a plan .

I was one of the guys to have seen the cat in its opening and closing avatar. Mine was initially scheduled to be on 28th of Nov and got rescheduled to today the 8th of December. the paper seemed not very tough though i did not manage time properly.

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guys i neeed help with numbers... and the solution for the 108 problem please

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