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WL 37.... but not mentioned the category....

I belong to NC OBC....

What are my chances???

Seniors please help....

NC OBC have a strong chance of converting it.
pagalguy_news News Service @pagalguy_news
_(Photo credit: Kunjan Detroja)_ You don't have to crack the Common Admissions Test (CAT) in order to experience the Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Ahmedabad as a student anymore. The school is auctioning ou

These 3 guys r from IIM Indore

Lajwanti D'Souza @laj
Contrary to reports, The Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Trichy has not failed to fill up its quota of seats. On the contrary, it has admitted students well beyond its scheduled intake. The institute, which is in it

Why do people think that giving extra bonus point is necessary to include people from diverse backgrounds? I mean if someone is from commerce background (s)he should be good in quick calculations (necessary for DI). If someone is from arts background (s)he should be good in English (necessary for VA). How do you expect engineers scoring good marks than them in these sections? Why only focus in the QA section, as engineers are supposedly better than others? If people from diverse backgrounds can't score better than engineers in LR,VA sections also, then they may not deserve an IIM call. Here my assumption is people preparing for engineering entrance exams are not better than people opting for arts/commerce graduation in VA,LR.52.5% quota(all categories) should be enough to bring people from diverse social backgrounds. if you also want to include people from diverse educational backgrounds,then i think CAT should be banned for MEG(Male,Engineer,General category) candidates. Solely my opinion, and I am open for any criticism. I accept that I can be wrong and people may have different views.But I believe that in India where education is everything for most of the middle class people, places like IIT,AIMS,IIM should be above of these rules,regulations,constraints. Merit and only merit should rule these three places.

Apoorv Pandit @Apurv
The already longer-than-ever time window to register for the Common Admissions Test (CAT) 2011 has been further extended from September 28 to October 4, 2011. The CAT vouchers too would be on sale for four more days at A

@Kribanidhi : Agreed friend.

i guess that case u hav to find accomodation outside of the campus for them..
seniors please confirm this as my parents will also come and i m skeptical about the thing that they will allow them in campus for staying

Accommodation will not be available for parents. You have to arrange your own accommodation in Indore city (10km-15km from campus). SAC may send you contact numbers of some hotels soon but you also try to find some from . Plan your travel and book hotels (if you need) well in advance. Because it can be difficult to find accommodations close to campus at the last hour.
hi seniors
I am in bond period at my it necessary to get experience certificate along with relieving letter? I can get relieving letter without paying the bond amount..but for experience certificate I need to pay 1 lac..wouldn't only relieving letter suffice? I have an experience of only 7 months in tech mahindra as a it of any use and would it b necessary? thanks in advance :)

Last year they have asked for both relieving letter and work ex certificate in orginal to be submitted. No idea about this year, you mail your query to the admissions office. I think you need both.
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Hi puys,

I completely understand your anxiety at this moment. But speculating may not help to solve this problem. Some of you may have to wait till the admission date(11th July). So i suggest hold your nerves and wait for the best to happen. Wish you luck.

harsh00010 Says
as per ur assumption if 90 cleared out of 110 thn wat is the use of releasing new wait list .. already they got wat they wanted ...

IIM K wl moved today morning. Hope this will help in the WL movement of MDI.ATB to you WL guys.


Please mention your profile and expectation from an IIM MBA. (through pm as comparison of B-schools is not allowed in PG)

Dear Puys,

I am selected for IIM Raipur and IIM Tirchy...............Unable to choose among these two?

Can any one throw some light on this ? Your suggestions are valuable.

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Hello everybody can you please help me?
I am a fresher with a job in Deloitte.Should I join planet I or try for A,B,C in 2011 or 2012?
Please respond

If you are confident enough to crack IIM A,B,C in next 2 years then you know the answer.
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