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hey khatarnaaak, so will u be using a pirated version of windows professional?

Hey guys
Please help me with my query too.Are we suppose to get laptops with Windows(7)professional?
Is it compulsory?my laptop has vista home premium and meets the rest of the criterion as mentioned in enrollment letter.please help me asap!

i guess its not a compulsion......even i have a home premium, will take it over there as it is.
Hey please help,., I need to decide finally,., if IBS hyderabad's good enough or not?!
I mean, I wanted to pursue MBA this year,., but the fees here's pretty high,. and number of students is also .. huge!!! .... at the end of the day., is it really worth the 12 lakh???
And yeah.. 12 lakhs is the fees right??
totAL fees around 9.5.. plus .. 1 lakh for hostel..
whats the last... 1.5 lakh for?

hey latiqua
IBS Hyderabad will be a worthy investment only if u consider it to be, what i mean to say that its ur perspective about the college which matters the most.
as for the fees is concerned, again its ur perspective do u take it as an expenditure or as a long term investments which would reap benefits in the future. ( the extra 1.5 lakhs comprises of books, stationary, mess charges)
the huge batch strength which u r so scared of should be just another reason why you should join this college, because it provides u an apt platform to compete against 850 odd students, and if u make the final cut (i.e. the upper 300 students) then u will surely end up in one of the best corporate jobs available in the market today......moreover once u get that competitive spirit in u, it will definitely rev up ur performance in the cut-throat competition out there and will provide u an edge in comparison to others.
lastly if you take my advice then i would say that if you dont have any other better options in hand and want to pursue ur MBA this year itself, then do give a due consideration to this college, because maybe next year you wont even have this choice ( just a hypothetical situation).

however at the end of the day its totally ur call, do take an informed decison and atb fr ur future endavours:thumbsup:
GOT 94/100
,., GD ...29
past academics,., 36,.,
and extremely confused as to what to choose between ibs hyderabad and ibs mumbai,.,
Since ibs hyderabad has its own pros and cons,., and so does mumbai...

pros and cons of ibs hyderabad:
1.UGC recognised degree,., and certification
2.Campus very far from the city!
3.Hyderabad ain't a very good city
4.The best ranking
5.The best average packages! aint good :(

pros and cons of ibs mumbai:
1.not recognised,., only certification possible from distance education!!
2.mumbai is a pretty good city
3.Campus s near the city!
4.placements in 2011 were almost 100 percent!!
5.average package is lower than hyderabad but aint so big a concern since, only a difference of 50 60 k is there!! s pretty fine!! atleast i can survive that food,
Ive been to both cities,., and this is my personal opinion,., please shed some light on what should i choose,my results wr withheld, and they ve been declared today itself! so if anyone of you can really help me with this...please please lend a hand!

hey latiqua
the decision is entirely up to you, of-course hyderabad is best among the lot in terms of placements, campus etc.....however mumbai is not at all a bad option, the only problem being its recognition. as you have already figured out the pros and cons, it will be that much easier to make ur decision keeping them as a base.
all the best, and hope you make the best choice
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total score-90
joining for sure

fresher23 Says
c ur inbox:cheerio:

hey pavneet, saw ur profile.....grt to see that we have a common frnd, arunima....she used to study with me in school....nyways, as u will be joining ibs hyderabad fr sure....luking fwd to meet u n the campus
harsheet.ratra Says
Mein bhi hun bhaiyon, delhi waasi. :drinking:

hey harsheet....wr do u stay n delhi, r u joining ibs hyderabad fr sure???
fresher23 Says
c ur inbox:cheerio:

hey pavneet, grt to hear frm u, i live n r u n fb??
fresher23 Says
:i will be joing..wat abt u ???

ya, i will be joining too. wr exactly do u stay n delhi???
is anyone frm delhi going fr mba at ibs,hyderabad???

hi this is anirban frm delhi, looking fwd to join the mba program in ibs hyderabad