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I am not really in favour of such order preferences.....Do you have any concrete data to support this as a public opinion ?...If yes, please provide it..
Also, try to provide the various parameters you have used to rate these colleges and how much weight you have used etc ...

I hope you understand what I mean ... :P

Try to understand that if your personal survey is not full proof then it can be misleading ...
I don't think what you are doing is very different from directly comparing colleges on Pagalguy...Please refrain...Take such discussions offline..

This thread is strictly a forum for discussing the admission process of VGSOM and queries related to it ..... I request everyone not to divulge into comparing colleges so openly and directly on this thread....

Bro look I am not into this advice giving business .......

It is just that I had multiple admits this year and interacted with a lot of seniors , current students and even profs (and from seniors I mean people who are not part of PR and Placement cell). So, subsequently amassed all this information and wanted to share such info for other's benefit. And, I guess that is the primary purpose of such forms.
Believe me I would have never written anything which I would not be able to justify. Still if there was something you felt was not right my apologies for that.

P.S. Don't take it in the wrong sense the whole purpose was to share the info and not degrade or promote any college .

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infotech123 Says
Looking at yout converts , we have almost similiar converts. Where have u planned to join

Yr even I am not sure as of now I have just paid the first installment at a few colleges and have ruled out a few. I am paying the fee for IMT and IMI. And what have you planned.
sinjana Says
@anilkumar1510: u quoted IITD and IIT M to the best??!!:shocked: I hope u meant IIT Mumbai, i.e. IIT B right??

Yup I meant Bombay/Mumbai .......
infotech123 Says
no offence mate..but u kept NM ahead of MDI....I have no grudges against NM but I am sure 99% of the junta here will agree with me that MDI is way far-far better than NM.

Sry my bad ...... even I agree MDI is a way better college dan any other ....... (I happen to live really close to the college and have a lot of friends over there)
waller121 Says
i heard that profiles offered to the students are not it so ?Seniors,Please guide me over this...i am really sad knowing this as i was very sure about joining Kgp....

Are yr when you say such things you need to quantify what is a good profile and what is a bad profile. What is good for you may not be that tempting for someone else.
Look bro I researched a lot about the overall return from doing an MBA from IITs esp. Kgp. I talked to many people (alumni and students from IIT D, Kgp, K et. al. ) and the following is the "saar" of the responses.
> The perception that IIT Kgp or any other IIT is good only for Operations is totally baseless . On the contrary seniors told me that the faculty for Opn was actually the worst (no disrespect).
> It does not matter after you are out of the IITs that which IIT you did your degree from. For the world you will be a person from the IITs. But still this is the order of preference D, B, Kgp, K, M, R.
> IIT D and B are at par or even better than NM, MDI, SCMHRD and XIM because of their location and outstanding faculty. Speaking of IIT Kgp the faculty is good and the exposure is also alright but the senior from Kgp suggested me to go for NM- Core because of the metropolitan advantage and consequently better exposure. When I asked about IMT FT he said your call both have their own advantages and disadvantages. But he said IMT FT is good anything else then go for Kgp.
Finally this is the order of pref suggested by most - New IIMs , MDI ,NITIE ,NM, IIT D and B, SCMHRD, IMT - FT ,IIT Kgp, IMT (F,IT,IB,DCP,HR)

Please understand that this is the info I have amassed and is not my personal opinion.
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Converted .........

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Even i have got the same number..WL/GE/65..

Really Strange..!!

Are yr its not strange you guys must be having equal scores (overall as calculated by the college) so that is perfectly fine ......... njoy
dus10 Says
Heyy how are u so sure... I have got a 62 GE waiting list... I dont think that many of the VGSOM converted people have other options... as they are below 98.5 percentile and u dnt get anything good below 98.5 percentli

Dude you are forgetting the IIMs, new IIMs , MDI , NITIE , FMS , IITB, IITD, IMT , NMIMS, JIBMS ..... and so on .... people would prefer the above colleges and hence their would be a huge w/l movement as was the case last year ........ atb
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Let me check up with Jeny Mam if possible. Will let you know in few days.. !!

I made the payment for the waiting list using NEFT (ICICI) and sent the mail to both the ids. But had a couple of queries .

Was not able to find the UTR number so just mentioned the bank name and the payment ID is that fine.

And the total amount transferred is 50K but I guess the also includes NEFT charges (5rs) is that ok. I mean its a small amount (5rs) but still wanted to confirm.

Thanks and Regards
Priority Waiting list means : 1st Waiting List.

Waitlist Numbers will be told. But it will take few days.

Will update on the same after getting info.

Congrats to all those who got waitlisted. We should def expect a good Wl movement.

Last 2 yr's WL Movement :

2011 - 125
2010 - 240

All those who have been waitlisted, please join :!/groups/193398764105210/

PM either me or prithvi your gim id for approval.

Any idea on number of candidates in the first list.
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